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Recreate your Favourite Moments from Movie Sets in Hawai`i

Recreate your Favourite Moments from Movie Sets in Hawai`i

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Hollywood has graced our screens with plenty of movies filmed or set in Hawai`i. They have showcased the voluptuous volcanoes, beautiful beaches and sapphire seas, as well as pinpointed specific tourist attractions you can visit during your stay here. Embark on a movie-inspired tour of the various islands, reliving your favourite scenes in real life. 

50 First Dates, 2004

This sweet romantic comedy stars Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. Barrymore plays the character of Lucy, who suffers from short-term memory loss and forgets meeting her romantic partner, Henry, played by Sandler. The film follows their escapades as they visit iconic Hawaiian landmarks across the island of Oahu, on their journey of multiple dates. Pride of Maui notes some of these locations included Waimanalo Beach, Ka'a'awa Valley and Waimea Bay.

You can visit most of these spots, too. Waimanalo Beach stretches for 4.8 kilometres, and is the longest uninterrupted white-sand beach on Oahu, according to the To Hawai`i website. It is framed by ironwood trees, and is only a 45 minute drive from the more active Waikiki Beach. Kaʻaʻawa Valley is steeped in native history. It was the site for ancient customs performed by Hawaiian chiefs, called ali'i, who would take their newborns here to train them about their culture. 

Waimea Bay is an idyllic spot for seasoned surfers, as the waves here are renowned for being big and adrenalin-pumping. 

Lilo and Stitch, 2002

This Disney classic film begins with the melodic Hawaiian song 'He Mele No Lilo', playing as young girls learn the graceful hula in a local dance school. They wear leis around their neck and flowers in their hair. 

Enrol in a hula class and lei making lesson of your own during your Hawaiian holiday. In Hawaiian, the hula teacher is called 'kumu hula' and the school is referred to as 'hula halau'. There are free lessons on offer at the Royal Hawaiian Center or the Waikiki Beach Walk. 

In the movie, Lilo's older sister Nani works as a waitress at a luau, where her partner David performs as fire dancer. You can also see similar exciting shows by visiting a Hawaiian luau, hosted by most resorts on the islands. 

Aloha, 2015

Starring Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone and Rachel McAdams, this film casts a spotlight on the military bases in Hawai`i. The main characters are involved in military operations, attempting to thwart a plan to launch weapons into outer space.

Pearl Harbour, 2001

In keeping with this theme, a wonderful historic place to visit during your holiday here is Pearl Harbor. Located on Oahu, this active military base was attacked by the Japanese in 1941 and sparked the American entry into World War Two. Today, you can learn about this part of history through interactive museum displays that take time to explain the situation from both sides of the coin. Stories of both American and Japanese troops are shared to provide a nuanced retelling of history. 

You can gain an appreciation for the trials and tribulations faced by the military personnel here by visiting the USS Arizona Memorial. Sunk within the harbour itself, boat tours to the memorial allow you to see the submerged ship as well as pay respect to the naval officers who lost their lives here. USS Bowfin Submarine Museum and Park are another site worth visiting at Pearl Harbour, enabling people to set foot inside a submarine and see the living quarters, engine room and control centre. 

Take your camera along and capture your own holiday experiences like a movie star! 

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