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Holiday in Heavenly Hawai`i: Most Relaxing Islands

Holiday in Heavenly Hawai`i: Most Relaxing Islands

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Work hard, vacation harder.

That may sound like the life mantra for people who are diligent workers, but also value some healthy balance. If you're in the mood for some well deserved R&R, look no further than the soothing waves and rejuvenating sunshine of Hawai`i. 

To make your travel plans even more relaxing, we have compiled a guide about the best islands to visit for a serene time away. Just sit back and soak in the Vitamin D, letting the worries of the world pass you by as you holiday in heavenly Hawai`i.


As a smaller, quieter island than its Hawaiian counterparts, Kaua’i is your ideal destination for a tranquil break and the most laid back and relaxing out of all of the islands. TripAdvisor note that it is far more green and lush than the other slices of paradise in Hawai`i, largely because it is blessed with plenty of rainfall. Why not visit in the summer months to immerse yourself in a bounty of natural beauty on Kaua’i ? There are many botanic gardens to peruse, and you may even get to listen to the sweet chirping of the native red i’iwi bird, Hawaiian honeycreeper. 

The Waimea Canyon here is an ideal spot for basking in nature therapy. Admire the vista of this 1,097 metre deep canyon, gazing out at the wilderness of gorges below. It stretches for 22 kilometres, so if you're in the mood for a contemplative, leisurely walk, this is the place to go. Feel the wind in your hair and sun on your cheeks as you let the stress melt away. 

If you're a flop and drop beach type, go straight to Poipu Beach Park, pick a sandy spot, and don't move all day - unless it's to indulge in ice cream or swim in the crystal clear waters. Hawaiian monk seals frequent the ocean here, so you may even get to swim beside these peaceful creatures. 


In keeping with the theme of natural wonders, Molokai is home to the world's tallest sea cliffs. These natural wonders, jutting east of the Kalaupapa Peninsula, can't be accessed from land, but you can charter a boat out to admire these incredible, arching cliffs towering over you at a height of 1,188 metres. 

Back on land, Molokai boasts over 250 species of Hawaiian plants at the Kamakou Preserve. Be dazzled by the kaleidoscopic colours of these petals, and think back to these pleasing hues as you dip into the ocean and snorkel among equally mesmerising, colourful schools of fish and coral. 

Road to Hana, Maui 

For some people, there is nothing more therapeutic than a picturesque road trip. Playing your favourite music as you cruise through incredible scenery is one of those life-is-good moments, and a great place to embark on such a journey is the heritage Road to Hana. This scenic drive runs along the eastern side of the island and passes through waterfalls, plantations and one-lane bridges that showcase the true landscape of the original Kingdom of Hawai`i. 


If you just want to get away from it all, leaving behind crowds of people and swarms of tourists, book your stay in Lana'i. TripAdvisor emphasises there isn't even one traffic light on this island, and a miniscule population of 3,000 people, so you really get to unwind. There are several quality resorts to choose from, so you can still be pampered. 

Hawaii’s Big Island

The perfect island to end your relaxing stay in Hawai`i, after visiting the ones above, Hawaii’s Big Island is just as effortless.

Here, in Mauna Kea, the stars shine especially bright and this part of the Hawaii’s Big Island is widely regarded as one of the best places on the planet for clear stargazing with telescopes. Just gaze into the cobalt blue skies above, dazzled by the twinkle, and contemplate how lucky we are to be alive and on holiday! Namaste.

Finally, learn this phrase: Aloha Aku No, Aloha Mai No - I give my love to you, you give your love to me. That's how heavenly Hawai`i will treat you! 

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