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Stay the night in one of these 5 UK castles

Stay the night in one of these 5 UK castles

story by: Tom Ricketts

On most peoples list of things to do in the UK and Ireland (and all of Europe for that matter) is to explore at least one castle… but it’ll more likely be closer to ten.

Why not rent a room in one of the many grandiose castles which have converted into hotels? Yes, it’s easily possible to live like a ​king, even if it's only for a day or two. Here are five of our favourite options…

1. Ashford Castle, Ireland

An easy 45 minute drive from Galway, Ashford Castle has to be one of the most stunning in the country. Built in 1228, the castle has hosted many royals and dignitaries, and was even once home to the Guinness family! It’s set on 350 acres of land covered in perfect manicured lawns, old growth forest, and a beautiful lake. Today it offers 82 rooms, all with absolutely gorgeous furnishings including antique furniture and valuable artworks. Some rooms even have views of the lake. All the facilities are there including golf, a day spa, tennis and lake cruise to name but a few.

2. Inverlochy Castle, Scotland

Often seen on ‘Top Hotels in the World’ lists, Inverlochy is a stunning five star castle located amongst the glens, lochs and mountains of Scotland’s West Highlands. The castle has a mere 17 rooms, all of which are individually furnished to a five star quality. While the antiques and colour schemes are in keeping with the history of the building, the bathrooms are another story completely, and feature massive baths, showers and all the essential facilities. The restaurant is fine dining to the best, so suit and tie attire is a must. 

3. Amberley Castle, England
Just an hour south of Heathrow near the English Channel is one of our little favourites, Amberley Castle. The 900 year old building is surrounded by 60 foot walls, and well known for its beautiful gardens. The interior of the castle was destroyed by Oliver Cromwell in the English Civil War (how’s that for history?!) so the rebuilt structure contains surprisingly modern rooms. Brighton and Portsmouth are only half an hour away.

4. Gravetye Manor, England
More of a manor house than a castle, Gravetye is located about halfway between London and Brighton. It was built in 1598 as a gift from a husband to his wife. Their initials can still be seen on the archway above the main entrance. It was sold in 1884 to a keen gardener who transformed the grounds into the beautiful setting still found there today. So committed to his gardens, he worked away in them right into his 90’s when he was partially crippled. The boutique property has only 17 rooms furnished with antiques, rich fabrics and would you believe, hand crafted beds! There’s even a room with two bedrooms, not often found in these sorts of properties.

5. Dalhousie Castle, Scotland

Located in the suburbs of Edinburgh, Dalhousie Castle has seen its fair share of history too. Famous names to have stayed here include King Edward I (i.e. Longshanks), King Henry IV and Oliver Cromwell, all of which staged invasions of Scotland from this very castle. Today the castle has 35 individually designed rooms, all luxury and with a touch of modern flair. But for the full experience, ask about the Lord and Lady package which includes Scottish Pipe Sergeant when you arrive, access to the castle throne, medieval banquets and even a private tour of the whole castle.

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