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Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata

story by: Inspire Magazine

If you’re an African first-timer or returning for a second, third or fourth big adventure, this is a continent where excitement is found at every corner. Whether you’re traversing north to south, or east to west, you will find epic experiences at every turn.

Picture Perfect Namibia

As Africa’s most photogenic destination, Namibia is a country of swirling desert and lonely arid roads. Its post-apocalyptic landscape lending itself to a magnitude of other-wordly vistas.

For lions, elephants and giraffes, as well as 340 bird species, seek out one of Africa’s largest game reserves, Etosha National Park. Boasting a salt pan so vast it can be seen from space, the opportunity to spy Namibian wildlife is just as fruitful. Hire a car and head to a watering hole. Evasive lions will slowly emerge from their hiding spots, slinking between camel thorns and golden grassland.

The hauntingly beautiful Skeleton Coast is littered with the carcass of shipwrecked boats; sand-locked into the ground and resigned to their fate. Painfully eerie, seals and seabirds add a spoonful of life to an otherwise ghostly terrain.

From no man’s land to the colourful Himba tribe people, discover Namibia’s semi-nomadic herders. Himba women wear elaborate terracotta dreadlocks and skin that’s dyed red, a ritual that is symbolic of beauty.

Flora, fauna and falling water

United by water, both Botswana and Zimbabwe provide a mecca for African wildlife. Botswana’s Okavango Delta is a freshwater wetland flushed with the world’s most fascinating fauna, from elephants and zebras, to lions, leopards and giraffes. Watch out for hippos; where there’s water there are hippopotamus. Best viewed from afar, these robust beauties can be alarmingly temperamental.

Follow the water north to Victoria Falls. With water plunging at a velocity to make the hairs on your neck stand tall, Victoria is as impending as she is majestic. A timeless beauty, stare into the roaring mists and feel the wrath of her fury. Where water abounds, you’ll find a plethora of activities such as white water rafting, bungee jumping, sunset cruises, mokoro rides and fishing. Or head inland for game drives packed with wildlife and off-road experiences.

Savvy South Africa

With Table Mountain at its helm, Cape Town is one of the world’s most visually-impressive cities. From in your face beauty to in-your-mouth taste sensations, a stay in the big CT wouldn’t be complete without sampling its fine array of flavours. Boasting an abundance of vineyards, take a meander up the coast, stopping for a signature glass of Shiraz and a healthy measure of Sav. But don’t stop the wheels turning there. Discover the most picturesque stretch of the southern coast with a self-drive adventure along the Garden Route. Or make tracks to the biggest wildlife sanctuary in the world – Kruger National Park. Here you’ll discover the widest selection of mammal species in Africa, including The Big 5. If ever there was an opportunity to see lions, elephants, leopards, the Cape buffalo and a black rhinoceros, this is it.

Welcome to Kenya & Tanzania

Conquering Kili is as good a reason as any to visit Tanzania. Requiring serious fitness, but no serious skill, the views from the summit are phenomenal. And even if you forego the climb, its icing sugar peak makes an impressive backdrop.

From great heights to formidable sights, the great wildebeest migration is a Tanzanian odyssey. The annual movement of over two-million inhabitants, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience of spectacular proportions. Go mobile and move with the advances of its brigade; as unpredictable as they are impressive, no two days are the same.

If it’s Kenya's people you’re keen to meet, visit a Maasai Mara tribal village. Nomads of both Tanzania and Kenya’s infinite terrain, their notoriety for hunting lion has earned them a reputation as fierce warriors. Watch traditional Maasai dancing and rituals delivered with a feverish intensity. 


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