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Your quick guide to Phuket


Your quick guide to Phuket

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As one of the most dynamic tourist spots in Thailand, Phuket has a wide range of attractions for you to enjoy. Here's your quick guide to making the most of this island on the Andaman Sea. 

Phang Nga Bay
Seeing the jagged mountains rising out from the sea in Phang Nga Bay is a surreal, otherworldly sight. Kayak or canoe through the natural caves between the mountains, drifting along blue-green lagoons among the mountainous rainforests of the area. A highlight here is 'James Bond Island', named for the movie 'The Man with the Golden Gun' that was partially filmed here. However, the traditional name of this mount is Koh Tapu, translating to 'nail island', because of its sharp, elongated shape floating all by itself in the middle of the water. 

Koh Panyee

This isn't very far from Phang Nga Bay. Koh Panyee has been a fishing village for centuries, and to this day is a great place for tasting fresh seafood cooked in Thai spices and curries. You can see the fishing village built on wooden stilts, and may even get a chance to talk to the locals who live there and learn about their culture and way of life. Once you have seen the fishing village, head over to the local marketplace that sells a raft of souvenirs, arts, crafts, textiles and food. Coconut water fresh from the nut itself can be drunk here. 

Big Buddha, Chalong

Soaring high into the sky at 45 metres, this giant statue of Buddha sits peacefully on the Nakkerd Hills and gazes out over Chalong, Kata and Rawai. Few sculptures are as peaceful as this one - it's sure to put you in a calm, serene mood. Beside this light-stoned masterpiece is a smaller Buddha sculpture, glowing in the sunshine as it's made of brass. A shrine is built beside it for people to pay their respects. 

Wat Chalong Temple

Admire authentic Thai architecture by stepping inside this intricately carved temple, with pagodas arching up from the roof. The interior is decorate with hundreds of small glass pieces, reflecting the red and gold colours around to create a shimmering effect. Nearly every pillar is finely decorated with golden carvings, and the sharp triangular pagoda tips of the temple are iconic of Thai art styles. You can often see small miniature sculptures of Buddha with a crown made of a similar styled pagoda shape. 

Phi Phi Island

Crystal clear waters teeming with schools of fish make this a great snorkelling spot. Swim beside tropical fish in a myriad of different colours, then step back onto the white sands and plop down for a nap in the hot sunshine before heading right back into the waves. If you want some shade, simply stroll over to the beach-fronted jungle. Truly, there are few spots as beautiful, combining white, blue and green scenery for an overall exotic paradise vibe.

Beautiful beaches

When it comes to Phuket's many gorgeous beaches, there's a little bit of something to suit all tastes. Whether you’re after the serenity of golden sand lapped by glass-like water or something with high waves and a lot more rough and tumble, you’ll find it in Phuket. The scenery is unrivalled and even though the majority of Phuket’s most popular beaches are relatively developed with accommodation, bars and bums on beach chairs, they’re all still picture perfect. Despite many being busy, take a jaunt over a hill, or walk an extra bend and you’ll likely find a quieter, less developed hide-out to enjoy. When it comes to beach-life, Phuket will never disappoint, and with so many to choose from you might as well have a little flirt with them all! 

As you can see, spending several days on Phuket during your Thailand travel adventure is well worth the time. Which attraction will you see first? 

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