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Which Tahitian Island is right for your holiday?

Which Tahitian Island is right for your holiday?

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There are 118 islands and atolls that make up Tahiti, spreading over 2 million square miles of the South Pacific Ocean and traversing five archipelagos, according to Tahiti Tourisme. Literally spoilt for choice, how do you know which island you should call home during your holiday?

Here is a brief guide to some of the main islands, so you can match up your vacation needs to what's on offer there. Of course, there is always the option to island-hop your way through them all for the ultimate vacay vibes!


Affectionately called the 'Garden of Eden', this really is a slice of paradise, with wide expanses of lush green forests to peruse and wander through. Nature is untouched here, with little of the modern world making its mark on the pure white sandy beaches and dense greenery in the island's centre.
It's only a short 30-minute plane ride from the mainland of Tahiti, and boasts a much slower pace of life too, so Huahine is ideal for holiday-makers who simply want to relax and unwind. Crystal-clear aquamarine blue lagoons surround Huahine, so if your wish for your next break is simply to snorkel, swim, lie on your back in the waves as the sun soaks your cheeks, head on over. You can collapse onto the soft sands for a nap under the shade of palm trees with no bustling sounds of traffic or hundreds of tourists milling around, so if that's your cup of tea, book your stay in Huahine. 


You're so close to mainland Tahiti here that a quick 30-minute high-speed catamaran can whisk you across. This gives you the benefits of being close to the action, yet having your own unique space. Many waterfalls are dotted throughout the mountainous centre of Moorea, and a shallow lagoon around it makes it ideal for families travelling with younger children. 
Hibiscus flowers are common here, a symbol of the Pacific with their bright red petals that are ideal for women to tuck behind an ear as they dress up for dinner. Another charming feature of this island is the pastel painted homes in the villages, making walking through the streets a sweet burst of colour. 


Framed with pink sands, Tikehau's calling card is the pearly pinkish sheen of its beaches and the high density of fish that swim near the shores, making it your go-to island if snorkelling is your top priority. In fact, Jacques Cousteau, the famous French undersea explorer and photographer, said he encountered more fish in this spot than anywhere else in the South Pacific.
Be sure to pack an underwater camera or GoPro with your snorkel mask and flippers, and take a wrist strap so you keep your gear safe from falling out your palms as you swim among these underwater explosions of colour as schools of fish surround you. 

Tahiti itself 

Now that you know a little about some of the other islands to stay at, there are still a range of reasons why you should still consider the main one itself. For instance, the busy streets of capital city Papeete are replete with fine-dining restaurants, spas, nightclubs and a shopper's delight with both local markets as well as boutique stores.
Because of all these features, if you want a far more energetic and enlivened holiday, this is the place to be. Foodies will also love staying in Tahiti, as it provides such a diverse range of cuisine to try. To find out more about Tahitian food, you can read about the traditional meals and local delicacies here.

Ultimately, the choice of where to stay is entirely up to you! Where will you travel on your Tahitian adventure? 

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