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The ultimate Gold Coast getaway for girls


The ultimate Gold Coast getaway for girls

story by: Anna Sarjeant

When jetting off to the Gold Coast​ for a holiday with your B​FFs, you'll want to get as much out of the experience as possible. Here we nut out all the pros of flying to the Gold Coast with your nearest and dearest gal pals. 

1. ​Outdoor freedom! And shopping.
Hire a bike
As well as the beach, you can top up your tan by hiring a bike and peddling across 6000km of stunning cycle ways. And with numerous pick-up and drop-off points it’s easy to organise. Skim the coastline and stop for a picnic in the park, or fire up the barbie and get your snags sizzling with the ocean as your backdrop.
For girls who are experts at balancing bags on their bars, cycle to the mall and enjoy a full day of shopping without the hassle of car parks or public transport. And everyone knows there’s no better feeling than having the wind in your hair, speed in your wheels and a giant Louis Vuitton bag flapping from your bicycle bell.     
Tan topping
All that time spent outdoors and you'll return from the GC as golden as the residents....A GT from the GC?! Yes please! Averaging an annual 245 days of sunshine, the sun’s always got his hat on in Goldie. 

2. Learn a fab new skill

Surf lessons
What girl hasn’t dreamed of being a surf dudette? With mile upon mile of glorious rolling waves and ​water, there’s nothing cooler than riding rips like a professional surf chick. GC Surf company, Go Ride A Wave, ​offers all-level surf lessons. Ranging between two-hour starter classes to three-lesson packages, as well as small group numbers (a great option for groups of gal-pals) you’ll also get a dedicated instructor to run you through the basic steps and hopefully get you standing.

3. Enjoy many, MANY cocktail and coffee fixes
Black Coffee Lyrics
While the sun embarks on its morning ascent from the horizon to the sky, kick start your own day with a rocket-fuelling coffee fix. Gather the girls and take your caffeine-depleted feet to one of the funkiest cafes on the Gold Coast; Black Coffee Lyrics. A little lost trinket that can be tricky to find, this little lost nugget is tucked away in a time-forgotten arcade. Take the stairs and look out for its signature red door. Inside you’ll discover a bar-come-​coffee shop serving a dangerously dark flat white.
Happy hours
As hip by night as it is by day, return at dusk and sample one (or all!) of Black Coffee Lyric's 40 different craft beers. And of course, their signature tipple – an Espresso Martini, made from homebrew coffee liqueur and distilled locally.  

4. ​Feed the chocolate addiction
Max Brenner’s chocolate café.
Have the ever-consuming need to face-plant something loaded in sugar? ​Good, because on the Gold Coast there’s no better way to feed the addiction than with a pit-stop at Max Brenner’s chocolate café. If you haven’t heard of Max, he’s the best bald-headed man you’ll ever ​share a mocha with. As the face of Max Brenner’s chain of cafes, he symbolises the very character of this cocoa-obsessed company; the romance and nostalgia of feeling like a kid in a candy store again.
​All things hot & chocolate
Perfect after a hard day’s shop, or a hard day’s spa, or whatever hardship a holiday on the GC throws at you, re-fuel with hot chocolates crafted from pure molten chocolate and topped with lashings of thick, foamy milk. Or go full-throttle with chocolate waffles and chocolate waffles balls. Say, did we mention the chocolate?  

5. ​Discover brand new dining experiences
Buffet dining - with a twist
If we throw out the word ‘buffet’ you might grimace slightly. Conjuring images of soggy sandwiches and a few limp pieces of quiche, it’s not usually associated with fine dining. But buffet’s got a brand new cool and it’s called Bazaar. Located inside QT Gold Coast, Bazaar is a buffet style dining experience, featuring a must-needed injection of sophistication.
Bazaar, QT Gold Coast
Described as an ‘interactive market place’ that’s exactly what you’ll find. Alongside the crystal wine glasses and immaculately polished silver, there are stations of worldwide delicacies all vying for space and the attention of your taste buds. With dumplings to order, shrimps on ice, a barbecue maestro and seafood that gleams like a fishmongers. There’s even a charcuterie and a pig spit, wood-fired pizza and a never-ending cabinet of fresh organic salad. The desserts alone will have your eyes standing on stalks, with dedicated dessert chefs piping and dusting, lacing, creaming and baking. Nom. 

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