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Gold Coast weekends for the guys

Gold Coast weekends for the guys

story by: Anna Sarjeant

Bored of chick flicks, shopping trips and pretending to like both? Well gents, you’re in ​luck. Round up your mates and escape to the Gold Coast. We have five thrilling boy toy activities to en​tertain the lot of you. 

1. Jet packs and jet boards
Living the life of an urban vigilante is no longer the domain of your over-active imagination. For the ultimate in futuristic fun, strap on a jet pack and take to the skies. The Gold Coast offers jet packing and jet boarding. 

Jet packing
Powered by water and charged by a jet ski, the jet pack blows hundreds of litres of water through a nozzle, blasting its pilot 15 metres into the air. Steered by handlebars and a racing harness to keep you secure, speeds ​reach 45km/h. Hear that Batman? With wetsuits, gloves and boots provided, you’ll also have an instructor communicating by walkie talkie - teaching you tricks and tips, dives and jumps.  
Jet boarding
Then try your hand at flyboarding. With feet strapped tightly onto a board, you can drive this one using your man hooves. With similar blasts of water, you’ll reach heights of 10 metres- depending on your balancing skills. Use your stability to turn, twist and change direction mid-air.  

2. ​Gambling man
The most signature boy toy of the lot; a deck of cards. Old yet classic.

Jupiters Hotel and Casino
 If you and the rest of the boys have money to burn (and hopefully money to double) head to Jupiters Hotel and Casino. Seizing the opportunity to throw on your smartest shirt and slickest smiles, stride out looking like the high-rolling card-stars that you are. Open 24 hours a day, Jupiters also boasts awesome nightclubs and restaurants, so hedge your bets, throw down a note and hope that the house doesn’t win.   
Casino Themed Nights
For an alternative casino experience, book a Gold Coast Casino Themed Night. With various companies offering imitation casino evenings across the city, as long as you have the venue, they’ll provide the red carpet, the tables and the obligatory glitterati. With authentic equipment but fake money, you’re guaranteed a good night, without the risk of losing your retirement fund. 

3. Two-wheelin’ mopeds
Evoke memories of your teenage-hood and commandeer a moped.

Hire a scooter
Zipping through Surfer’s Paradise on nothing more than a hard seat, a loud buzz and 50cc of ‘power’. ​The scooter might not be the fastest, or even the flashiest of boys’ toys, but it’s one that’ll always put a smile on your face. Get on the gas and ​soak up GC’s stunning coastline, making your way from oceanside taverns to greasy burger bars.
GC pit stops
Stop for cold drinks and beer-battered fries, a chest-full of fresh ocean air and biker-boy pit stops with the horizon as your backdrop.            

4. Boats, glorious boats!

For boys who like their toys with an additional dose of diesel, the Gold Coast offers multiple full or half-day fishing charters. 

Fishing charters
Allow the professionals to take you out on fully-equipped fishing boats. With weather-worn skippers to show you the ropes (and no doubt a few tall tales of 20-foot barracudas and tuna the size of houses) you’ll skim the ocean’s surface, scouring open waters and inland passages for a catch worthy of the great Aussie barbie.
Drink like a fish
Most fishing charters allow guests to bring a pirate’s stash of beer, so sit back, crack a cap and wait for the fish to bite. All the while basking in the Gold Coast’s tan-topping sunshine.

5. Jet Skis
No boys’ toy list is complete without the mention of a Jet Ski. As far as extreme apparatus go, it’s the ​gnarliest gizmo in the box.  

Jet Ski Safaris
Watersports and the Gold Coast go hand-in-hand so if you’re planning a GC weekend, be sure to factor in an exhilarating Jet Ski experience. Thrash the water​ with Jet Ski Safaris; the Gold Coast’s Jet Ski specialists. Offering speed, power and enough sea spray to wet your fun-loving appetite, you'll get a bundle of 1500cc magnificence and guided GC safaris that cover 20, 40 or 80 kilometres. 

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