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3 Spectacular Beaches in Samoa

3 Spectacular Beaches in Samoa

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Dorothy may have clicked her ruby slippers together and whispered "there's no place like home", but truthfully, there's no place like Samoa.

Shimmering sandy beaches stretch throughout the many islands of this picturesque Pacific nation, and the people are so warm and friendly you will feel like one of the family. You can get golden, powdery soft sand between your toes as you stroll along these beaches, eyes gazing at the baby blue waters as they stretch out into the horizon. Stop and relax under the shade of green palm trees as they reach for the sky, their long feathered leaves fanning out and dancing in the wind. 

Get along to Samoa and say 'talofa lava' to these spectacular beaches!

1) Lalomanu Beach
Located on the southeastern tip of Upolu, this pristine beach rests beside a sapphire blue lagoon. Spreading as south as the coast of Lotofaga, this lagoon is a marine reserve that shelters some of the most beautiful sea life.
Bright, colourful coral in hues of pink and purple set the backdrop for tropical fish in even more dazzling shades of blue, green, orange and yellow. They will delight your eyes, looking like paintings under the sea. Remember to pack your scuba gear or snorkel and flippers, jump into the warm soothing lagoon waters and explore these wonders for hours!
For those of you wanting a truly magical, mesmerising experience, venture a little further north towards Namua Island, where the endangered green turtles swim in their natural habitat. Swimming beside these graceful creatures is a once-in-a-lifetime moment, sure to stay in your memories for eternity.

2) Manase beach
Based on the blissful north coast of Savai'i, this beach offers a chance to experience authentic, traditional Samoa. The open fales (huts) dotted throughout the shore are similar to the homes Samoans live in themselves, often built with natural materials sourced locally. 
Pack a large beach blanket and take an umbrella to camp out under in-between swims, letting the hot sunshine warm your skin as you sip on fresh coconut water before you dive back into the pleasant waters. 
Many of the resorts located on this beach have tropical breakfasts on offer, and the weekends and Friday evenings transform the sand into a stage for cultural dances and performances. Called 'Fiafia' nights, these events showcase dances such as the Siva, a gentle and graceful storytelling of ancient Samoan legends, performed by maidens. Rhythmic motions and relaxing melodies take over, while a jolt of energy is brought through with the fa'ataupati or slap dances done by men.

3) Lefaga Beach
The 1953 classic film 'Return to Paradise' was filmed on this very beach in Apia, and it's no surprise why the movie was given this title. Pristine like a picture-perfect postcard, the sand is a pure white and the cobalt seas gently lap against the shores. You'll actually have to be a guest of Return to Paradise to frequent this beach, but trust us, that's no hardship. With warm water, silver sand and lush rainforest, Return to Paradise is exactly that, paradise. Enjoy award-winning dining, three bars, snorkelling, sunsets and of course, one of the best beaches in Samoa. 

Shallow waves near the shore are warm, ideal for kids to splash around or for you to lie in, enjoying that half-cool-half-warm sensation as the sea becomes your blanket and the sand becomes your comfortable bed. Lefaga Beach is one of the most picturesque beaches in Samoa, and similar to Lalomanu Beach, is framed with palm trees so you can lie on on your back and see the clouds float by through the leaves of palms. 
When you want a short break from the beachy lifestyle, simply step on over to the lush green forests nearby for a brush walk under the shade of the banyan tree canopies. Mineral pools are also not too far away, for a change from the salty ocean waves. 

Pack your floppy hats and head on over to these shimmering sands! 

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