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Beach Breaks, Cuban Style

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Beach Breaks, Cuban Style

story by: Tom Ricketts

The island nation of Cuba is blessed with some of the most beautiful beaches around. Miles of white sand beaches, the pristine waters of the Caribbean, and its tropical weather attract tourists from around the world. However, interestingly it’s perhaps the unfortunate parts of Cuba’s history that make her beaches such a great destination. The banning of tourism to the island by the US means the beaches are relatively quiet. The lack of major economic development means there’s little pollution and relatively few giant resorts blighting the landscape. And finally, the low exchange rate means it’s nice and cheap too. Here’s a few of our favourites…

The most well known and most visited of Cuba’s beaches is Varadero. Lying on the north of the island near the city of Matanzas, the town is built on a narrow spit that stretches out into the Caribbean. Thanks to the relaxing of tourism restrictions, several large resorts have been built on the beach, however it’s not overcrowded because the beach is just so long! Most of the accommodations are ‘all inclusive’ but there is a small number of restaurants and bars in the town, as well as a small market. Varadero has a surprisingly good golf course with a large country club. Atop the building is a small bar where you can get hands down the best mojito you will ever taste, as well as breath taking views over the ocean at sunset.

Cayo Coco
Cayo is the Spanish word for island, and that’s exactly what Cayo Coco is. Connected to the mainland by a causeway, Cayo Coco is also on Cuba’s northern coast. Much of the island is a designated nature reserve and home to a massive population of pink flamingos as well as a popular snorkelling and diving reef. The island was a favourite haunt of Ernest Hemingway who penned a couple of books here. A new international airport has meant several large resorts have opened here recently.

Also known as Guardalavaca, the beaches around Holguin are famed for their soft white sand and bright blue waters. Discovered by Christopher Columbus himself, he described it as “the most beautiful land human eyes have ever seen”. Amongst the bays, rivers, islands and caves can be found over 100 different beaches, so getting one to yourself is not a hard task. Holguin is a popular destination not just for international tourists, but for Cubans too. This means there’s a bigger range of cheaper hotels than other beach destinations.

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