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H is for Houston: 3 Heavenly Houston Happenings

H is for Houston: 3 Heavenly Houston Happenings

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The guys and girls at House of Travel are particularly fond of the letter 'H'. For starters, it gives us our name, but you can also make a whole load of travel-related words with the initial, such as holiday, hotel, and happiness.
It's also the first letter of one of our featured American cities, Houston, and there is host of happenings for you to have a go at when you hoist yourself over to Texas for your happy holiday. Have a look!

Hobby Centre for the Performing Arts 

Upon your first steps exploring Houston, you'll soon realise that this is a city in love with the theatre. Indeed, the Houston Theatre District alone consists of 17 blocks filled with intimate venues or cavernous arenas alike, with the Hobby Centre for the Performing Arts a notable highlight.
Found on the very fringes of this haven for theatre lovers, the Hobby Centre for Performing Arts arrests your gaze even before you've set foot inside its inviting doors. That's because its walls are made of clear glass that soar skywards, offering unrivalled views of the dynamic Houston skyline and the surrounding areas, including the City Hall and the resplendent Tranquility Park. The Hobby Centre is, in fact, home to two dedicated venues, Sarofim Hall and Zilkha Hall. The latter is specifically designed for theatre productions, and its three tiers - upper gallery, orchestra and mezzanine - make up the 2,650 seats that lend the greatest of comfort as the play unfolds in front of you. The incredible ceiling of Sarofim Hall is worthy of the price of admission alone - it was created with over 2,000 fibre optic stars that mimic the sky above, with a shooting star searing across the inky blackness every five minutes. Zilkha Hall is smaller in scale than its near-neighbour, but no less impressive for it. Built in the style of a jewellery box, Zilkha Hall is designed with acoustics in mind, meaning that operas and symphonies are the order of the day. Each of the 500 seats offer excellent views of the performance, and the wooden surroundings mean that you'll be able to hear each individual note as it resonates around this fine venue.

Houston Arboretum and Nature Centre

Found on the fringes of the city's historic Memorial Park, you'd never guess that Houston Arboretum and Nature Centre is but a stone's throw from the exciting, vibrant hubbub of the town itself. However, even the best of us need a little respite from the sheer buzz of the city, and the Houston Arboretum and Nature Centre provides just that. With 155 acres of pure nature to explore, the arboretum is home to a great wealth of native American animals and plants in a sanctuary from the world around them - seek them all out on near-eight kilometres of well-marked paths. Ancient trees and fledgling shrubs provide a dwelling to the menagerie of animals that make their home here, and the reserve also features a lake abundant with aquatic life. Once you've explored the arboretum in its entirety, pay a visit to the nature centre. You can wander into the Discovery Room, crammed with exhibits and activities to delight all ages, and a shop stocked with items that would make the perfect gift for your friends and family back home.
Houston Escape Room

How about something to test you and your companions' brain cells before your stay in Houston comes to an end? The Escape Room is just that - a enclosed, locked room that can only be left by solving subtle clues and fiendish puzzles with your team mates. You have an hour to plot and plan your way out of this mind-bending conundrum, so be sure to bring along the sharpest of your friends and family - only the finest minds can escape!

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