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4 Great Reasons for Visiting Houston

4 Great Reasons for Visiting Houston

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With its rich space heritage, architecture which seamlessly mixes the modern and the classical lending to an iconic skyline, and a whole raft of things to see and do, Houston is a city that barely needs help to attract visitors. The United States' fourth-largest city, it constantly ranks highly on many 'Top Places To Visit' lists across many respected publications, such as Frommer's, Forbes, and Travel and Leisure Magazine. Business Insider even named Texas' biggest city as the best in America during 2014.

Here are four awesome reasons to visit Houston, whatever the weather!

The greatest food in America

Aside from leading the world when it comes to space travel, the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Houston is the beautiful array of food that the city serves up. Indeed, there are an enormous 11,000 restaurants to be found across the city, each cooking up a storm with cuisine from over 70 different countries, as well as a great many American regions.

It may seem a little churlish to suggest that Houston has a signature dish, but it's perhaps best known for its Tex-Mex offerings - which makes a great deal of sense considering that the state and Mexico share a border. This can be found in the restaurants at the very top of the scale, right down to the street food that can be found in many parts of the city.

The beauty of Houston's food is its diversity - you'll find everything from fiery-hot phaal curries to succulent bison steaks - the choice is yours!

Park life

For such a large city, Houston is home to masses of green space, with much of it crafted into public parkland. Of America's ten most populous cities, Houston is ranked first when it comes to total acreage of parks. There are, in fact, just short of 50,000 acres, which works out to 22 acres per 1,000 residents, according to a report published by The Trust for Public Land. To put this in perspective, the national American average is just 12 acres per 1,000 residents.
With so many parks to choose from, it's difficult to single out any in particular, but Hermann Park is certainly worth a mention. At 445 acres, there's plenty of space, regardless of how many people descend upon its lush green pastures at any given time. Figures state that around 6 million people a year are attracted to its many charms. These include a top-class golf course, a children's playground, and a Japanese garden. You'll also find a shimmering lake replete with pedal boats, Houston Zoo, and a monument dedicated to former Texas governor, Sam Houston.

A little bit of theatre

Only one city in the United States can rival the theatre culture than Houston, and that's New York. In fact, Houston is only just behind the Big Apple when it comes to the highest concentration of theatre seats in any one geographic area. Whenever you want to catch a show, you'll find it here in Houston. From ballet to symphony, opera to pantomime, Houston opens its door to you. You'll want to make your way to the aptly-named theatre district, consisting of 17 blocks of board-walking heaven. It's here that nine performing arts venues make their base, and with over 12,000 seats, you'll find it easy to grab a ticket.

Sports scene

Houston is home to several world-class sports teams that draw crowds of thousands each time that they play. The Houston Texans team play American football, while the Rockets, basketball. The Houston Dynamo and Houston Dash refer to men and women's soccer respectively, and the Astros play baseball at the Astrodome - the first-ever fully enclosed stadium with artificial turf. If you're a sports fan, Texas is your city!

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