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Your Guide to Houston Shopping - Struggling Shopaholics Should Look Away Now

Your Guide to Houston Shopping - Struggling Shopaholics Should Look Away Now

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Things are getting hot in Houston.

On average, 100 days of every year in the bustling metropolis will see the mercury in the thermometer spiking above 32 degrees Celsius, wrapping the city in a shawl of heat and humidity. This generous warmth is reflected in the hearts of people who call Houston home. Friendly and hospitable, you'll be thanking people kindly, tipping your hat and "howdying" to passers by in no time at all.

If you didn't come prepared for the climate, don't despair. Besides a flourishing oil industry and perhaps the best space program on the planet, Houston is also known as arguably (New York might want a word) the greatest shopping destination in North America. Whether you rock Gucci or grunge, you're guaranteed to be spoiled for choice when it comes to picking up some new threads. Houston doesn't do things by halves, a trait that is continued in its shopping scene. The city boasts more than 8 million square metres of gross leasable retail space, according to figures compiled by geographic information analyst firm Esri, as reported by Forbes. That's a lot of area to cover, but don't despair. We've put together this ultimate guide to shopping in Houston:

The Galleria

In modern cities all over the world, you'll find shopping malls touting the latest and greatest designer brands, from Dior to DKNY. Love them or hate them, Houston is no exception. The largest and most impressive collection can be found at The Galleria. Home to more than 400 stores and restaurants, this enormous shopping centre offers all your favourite clothing and electronic brands in one convenient place. If you ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the sheer size of things, clear your head with a quick jaunt around the full-size skating rink.

Hong Kong City Mall

A global melting pot, Houston is home to a burgeoning Asian population that has become an important of the cultural landscape. Nowhere is this more evident than at the Hong Kong City Mall. After a few minutes inside, you'll all but forget that you're still in Texas, as you immediately become lost in a world of colour and intriguing aromas. More than 20 restaurants and cafes can be found here, which will keep you fuelled up as you explore the multitude of shops housed in the shopping centre.

The Hat Store

During your time in Houston, you'll probably spot a few of those urban cowboys walking around with a ten gallon drum perched precariously on top of their head. Want to get in one some of that action? The Hat Store, located on the corner of Richmond and Chimney Rock, is your best bet. Established back in 1915, the store offers authentic straw and felt hats in a variety of styles. Over the years, countless famous figures have patronised The Hat Store, including George H. W. Bush, Dusty Hill of ZZ Top and Shaquille O'Neal, among many others.

Harwin Drive

Bargains await in the many stores that line this (in)famous shopping street. A rotating cast of vendors keep things fresh on Harwin Drive - so fresh, in fact, that many of the stores won't even have a name or sign. The clothes are strangely priced, often without rhyme or reason, but if you're willing to be patient and haggle a little with the thrifty vendors, you'll come away with a great collection of everyday clothes and accessories that few others will have.

Urban Harvest Farmers Market

Houston might be famous for its huge steaks and meaty Tex-Mex diet, but the locals also harbour a strong appreciation for garden grown goodies, too. At the Urban Harvest Farmers Market you'll find a thriving assortment of stalls full to overflowing with all manner of fresh, organic, locally grown food. 

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