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Headin' on Down to Houston? Check Out These Hidden Delights!

Headin' on Down to Houston? Check Out These Hidden Delights!

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When the average person on the street is asked what he or she knows about Houston, the chances are that their minds will conjure images of valiant spacecraft rocketing towards the stars, vast oil fields, and improbably large hats perched upon the heads of similarly enormous men. 

That's not a misconception - Houston is indeed the centre of the United States' space program. The state's oil industry lends jobs to 1.8 million people and as of 2008, and was responsible for bringing in US$9.9 billion dollars in taxes and royalties. As for those large hats? Well, the Stetson hat factory, found in Garland, is one of the biggest in the country, so these are in no short supply either.
So, you're probably already well-versed in where you'd like to go once you touch down in Texas, but what can the fourth-most populous city in American offer to those who like to venture a little away from the proverbial beaten track? Luckily, Houston is home to great raft of hidden delights, ranging from the weird to the wonderful, the bizarre to the beautiful. There's no problem with Houston,  just your camera's battery - it's sure to run out as you explore this historic city!

National Museum of Funeral History

Though you may imagine that a museum that dedicates itself to the history of the funeral is something of the macabre, this place is anything but. Though its subject matter is sombre, the National Museum of Funeral History is filled with fascinating insights into one of humankind's oldest customs. The museum, which is home to the largest collection of funereal artefacts in the United States, features exhibitions focused upon how mankind has bereaved the deceased throughout the ages, famous hearses from the pages of history, and pieces acquired from famous funerals of years gone by. You can get a little closer to the past by viewing such memorabilia from the funerals of American icons such as Elvis Presley, Martin Luther King and several presidents, including Dwight Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy.  

Beer Can House

Sometimes, it's better to call a spade a spade, or so the old adage goes. This is never more apparent to those that dubbed a house covered in beer cans the 'Beer Can House' - it does exactly what is says on the (beer) tin. The Beer Can House is the brainchild of John Milkovisch, whom, in 1968, added a flattened beer can to the side of his home, just for fun. That wasn't enough, as Ol' John couldn't stop placing more and more cans to the structure, until he ran out of space and it became known as the Beer Can House. After 18 years the house was covered, including impromptu wind chimes made from swinging cans. Not only was the house now musical, it was warm - those beer cans insulated the walls, meaning that John's energy bills fell. It's estimated that there are more than 50,000 beer cans used on the house, and today, though John has sadly passed on, you can tour his famous house and view tins from years gone by.

ArtCar Museum

When a museum is nicknamed the 'Garage Mahal', you know that it's going to be something special before you've even entered the doors. 
Best described as a mix between fine art and the essence of the automobile, the ArtCar Museum displays a great wealth of reimagined machines crafted by artists the world over. Indeed, the showroom is home to old stock cars that have been remoulded and reshaped to the ideals of their visionary creators. What's more, you'll find extravagant art cars, classic lowriders, as well as the wild imaginings of avant-garde artists who practice aesthetics over functionality. 

If you're looking to make Houston a holiday destination, be sure to visit one, or all three of these intriguing attractions.

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