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Touring Abruzzo And Puglia Like A Local

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Touring Abruzzo And Puglia Like A Local

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From romantic Venice to fashion powerhouse Milan, the great tourism capitals of Italy are no hidden secret.

However, away from the glitz and glam of these bustling metropolises lies a land of natural delights, traditional culture and authentic mouth-watering Italian cuisine. These areas can be found throughout Italy, but our favourites have to be Abruzzo and Puglia.

Centrally located about halfway down the country, Abruzzo is a land of gentle beauty, and its safe and nurturing vibes make it the perfect place for solo travellers to begin exploring all that Italy has to offer. With the Adriatic Sea on one side and the Apennine Mountains on the other, the landscape is as diverse as the people that inhabit it.

While it's possible to see Abruzzo independently, the best way to experience the colourful region is with Luciana, the passionate and informative mastermind behind Touring Abruzzo. Having been showing travellers the wonders of Abruzzo for more than ten years, Luciana has a wealth of knowledge to share. 

Make no mistake about it - these aren't kitsch, boring tours. Personalised, intimate and above all authentic, Touring Abruzzo is the best way to see Italy like a local. Check out the details of some of our favourite Touring Abruzzo journeys and start planning your Italian adventure.

Back Roads of Abruzzo - August 23-30
As the name suggests, this eight-day tour takes you on a journey on roads less travelled. Starting and ending at Rome Termini station, this trip is a superb showcase of the food and culture that Abruzzo is so rightfully renowned for. Investigate the fortified village of Civitella del Tronto and enjoy picnicking in the picturesque Campo Imperatore, a striking piece of land encircled by mountains and carpeted in bright colourful flowers. Get a closer look at Abruzzo's close relationship with olives in Sant'Omero and learn how to cook like a local at a private cooking class.

Other highlights of the tour include shopping at a handful of traditional markets, marvelling at the Medieval artwork in Loreto Aprutino and going on a private truffle hunt.

Grand Tour of Abruzzo - September 20-29
For a comprehensive exploration of the region, you can't go past the Grand Tour of Abruzzo. This 10-day affair is the ultimate way to see all that Abruzzo has to offer. During this epic journey you'll encounter countless unforgettable moments, such as visiting an ancient monastery in Maiella National Park and investigating the depths of Roccascalegna, a stunning Medieval castle in Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo.

Nestled far in the deep south of Italy, Puglia is another great destination choice for anyone trying to escape the crowds of the usual European attractions. Here, thanks to the region's flat topography and sunny disposition, you'll find some of the best food and wine in all the country. Your guide to all things Puglia is Fabio, a local born and bred ex-archaeologist who has travelled extensively in various countries around the world. 

Back Roads of Puglia - May 30-June 6
An eight-day tour of Puglia promises relaxation and an unhurried journey through the region. You'll spend four nights in Lecce, a baroque town overflowing with fascinating architecture and sensational cuisine. Visit traditional artisans working with jewellery, ceramics and other materials, and visit the historical centre of Gallipoli. You'll also stay three nights in Ostuni, a village famous for its stark, white walls.

Treasures of Puglia - October 5-14
An all-encompassing investigation of Puglia awaits those who embark on the Treasures of Puglia tour. During this 10-day adventure you'll taste wines in Ceglie Messapica, visit Impressionist art galleries in Barletta and explore the beautiful church Santa Caterina in Galatina. Along the way, of course, there's also an abundance of opportunities to try local cheese, olives and other dishes, as well as cooking classes so that you can take the local flavours back home with you.

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