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Utah: Epic Excursions

Monument Valley Utah
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Zion Canyon Utah
Zion National Park Utah
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Monument Valley

Utah: Epic Excursions

story by: Inspire USA

Bypass the typical tourist path and head onto the hiking trails of Utah’s magnificent national parks. The unique and towering landscapes you’ll encounter here are truly unforgettable. Spectacular scenery, crimson sunrises and a mystical labyrinth of canyons, cliffs and other geological features await you.

Spanning more than a thousand square kilometres, the aptly named Canyonlands National Park is a maze of deep canyons, towering cliffs and other big rocky features. Vast and seemingly wild, there’s something otherworldly about the area. Look closely though and you’ll find a varied landscape bursting with life, from the stealthy mountain lions to the indefatigable spirit of the desert plants.

In Arches National Park you’ll find sandstone fins and arches stretching improbably upwards from the ground as though reaching for the sky. Sunset and sunrise are magical moments here, as the light catches on the rocks and bathes the landscape in a brilliant deep red. Pack your camera – there’s no other view like this on Earth. Scenic roads offer unforgettable sights and a multitude of hiking trails allow you to get closer with nature and experience what Utah is all about.

Enter into the world of the Capitol Reef National Park, with magnificently coloured and rugged rock features made up of contrasting red Entrada and white Navajo sandstone. The park’s central formation is its Waterpocket Fold, a warp in the earth's crust that extends for around 160km into Utah's famed red rocks. The park’s scenic drive is a great way to see both the amazing geology and the unique Western pioneer heritage.

With an elevation of about 2,500 metres, Bryce Canyon is one of the few deserts in the world where you can engage in cross country skiing and other winter sports. Due to the park’s relative isolation and incredibly clear air, Bryce Canyon is also ideal for stargazing - bring your own telescope or sign up at the visitor’s centre for Dark Rangers, a 90-minute night sky observation programme. The landscape here is sensational, formed over millions of years of water freezing and expanding in rock cracks. This has resulted in wave upon wave of bizarrely shaped hoodoos, fins and natural bridges. There’s a 29 km scenic road that offers a good cross section of the landscape, but to really immerse yourself in the scenery you’ll want to dust off your hiking boots and get walking.

Situated just two and a half hours from Las Vegas, Zion National Park offers hikers of all abilities a selection of world-class hikes. Explore the Weeping Rock trail, a short 800 metre walk that provides stunning views of a magnificent stream of water gushing from deep inside a rocky cliff face. Thundering waterfalls can be found on the 4.8km Emerald Pools Trail, while the 3.5km Riverside Walk takes you on a beautiful path deep into the heart of the park’s giant canyon. This is American scenery at its very best.

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