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USA In Full Throttle

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USA In Full Throttle

story by: Inspire USA

Following the true American dream of hiring your own car and hitting the tarmac yourself unlocks a world of utter freedom. Feel the wind in your hair as you zap past in a convertible, or experience the power of raw American muscle in a Dodge Challenger. Whatever floats your boat, there is a set of wheels to match. So get wonderfully lost in some of our self-drive picks below.

One of the most famous roads in the world, the infamous Route 66 stretches all the way from Chicago to Los Angeles. This unforgettable drive will take you 16 days to complete. Along the way you’ll see stunning examples of America’s wild landscapes and a collection of unique towns and cities. Highlights include the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and Willis Tower, the tallest building in the country.

Experience the dreamlike state of California from behind the driver’s wheel. This 12-day route weaves from San Francisco to San Diego, and features some of the country’s greatest cultural attractions. Walk the Golden Gate Bridge, experience the beauty of the Highway 1 coastal drive and indulge yourself in Las Vegas’ round-the-clock party.

Outdoorsy types will love this eight day drive, which takes you into the heart of some of the country’s most magnificent national parks. The round trip departs from Las Vegas and heads into the wilderness – be prepared for an abundance of natural wonders. Explore the stunning geology of Zion National Park and marvel at the depths of the Grand Canyon.

This 14-day drive is a cultural extravaganza. The round trip departs from Chicago and takes you on a tour of some the hottest music and movie spots in the country. Highlights include listening to live jazz in New Orleans, walking down Beale Street for a taste of the Memphis music scene, visiting Nashville’s Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, and exploring the many locations in Chicago used in film.

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