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The concept of ‘losing oneself’ differs from person to person, but whether you crave isolation or exploration, there’s a little bit of world to get swept away with.

Go Barefoot in Balangan

Let go on the beach in Balangan, arguably Bali's most serene destination. Where transport has never transpired and deserted paths are a mix of dirt, sand and soil. Balangan’s a sleepy wonderland of hippies, surfers and smiling locals, where beach life coexists harmoniously with the town­ship’s agriculture; the sun shining and the roosters crowing. Yoga lovers practice their mantra on the grass, the serenity disturbed only by the crash of a wave and the rustle of wind.

Self-drive the Outer Hebrides

Off the northwest coast of Scotland you’ll find a smattering of islands, including the famed Isle of Skye; the largest and most rugged member in the archipelago. Carved out of the earth by the relentless pounding of the North Sea, the Outer Hebrides are defined by a life so hard that few animals, let alone humans, can survive here. Green yet barren, vicious North Atlantic storms thrash the sharp jagged mountain ranges and windswept headlands are whipped by brood­ing seas. Between the scenery are the well-worn faces of a few hardy locals, you’ll be in awe of nature’s sheer force.

Find Freedom in Patagonia, Argentina & Chile

If you’ve ever wished that the world was larger and less discovered, then you probably crave isolation. Destinations where the planet is seemingly untouched, void of hoards and mass souvenirs. You’re destined for Patagonia and South America’s renowned Parque Nacional Los Glaciares; the most beautiful corner of the world. From glistening glaciers to razor-sharp peaks, scrubland, waterfalls and teal coloured lakes, it’s undisputedly wild. Breathtakingly so. Fly from the bustle of Buenos Aires or Santiago and into the dense yet primitive pastures of Patagonia.

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