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Three of Thailand's Most Unique Adventure Activities

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Three of Thailand's Most Unique Adventure Activities

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The appeal of Thailand runs deeper than its verdant forests, bustling nightlife and effortlessly beachy culture. The unique activities this country offers provide more than enough incentive to board a flight and head over to this Southeast Asia wonderland, where every turn presents a new adventure for you to discover.

You could spend months at a time exploring Thailand and still not discover all there is to offer here, so set aside plenty of time during your travels to get adventurous in this enchanting land.

Sea kayaking
Why see the sights from the ground when you can take them in on water? Sea kayaking is the perfect way to explore nooks and crannies while getting a workout at the same time. 

Head to Krabi to kickstart your kayaking adventure, selecting a sit-on kayking from which you can glide effortlessly through mangroves, canyons, caves and a variety of coastal ecosystems. This is an eco-friendly way to travel and the small nature of kayaks means you can squeeze into tight places other watercraft can't reach. Take a guided tour through Ao Luck's canyons and mangroves or opt for its ancient limestone caves and hidden lagoons. 

Sea kayaking allows you to come face to face with wildlife such as kingfishers, little herons, crabs and even giant monitor lizards. This is an easy activity even for those who've never kayaked before, but you can expect it to be a bit more of a workout than your standard tourist activity!

Waterfall abseiling
There's abseiling and then there's waterfall abseiling. Imagine rappelling backwards down a cliff face in Chiang Mai, with refreshingly cool waterfall sprays washing over you. Make your way down 100 metres of limestone cliffs deep in the heart of the jungle and experience the thrill of being at one with the waterfall, while still being attached to the safety of an abseiling rope!

Many different tour providers offer this experience, which will see you getting wet and working your muscles while taking in some of the most beautiful scenery around. The Tan Rattana Waterfall in Nakhon Nayok provides a particularly adventurous experience, with rocky cliff faces made all the more challenging thanks to the constant spray of the waterfall. 

Diving in Mu Ko Similan
Diving itself isn't particularly unique, but when you add in a destination as exquisite as Mu Ko Similan you've got something truly special.

The Similan island group is best accessed with the help of a travel agent or diving company, but it's absolutely worth it. Discover nine granite islands under the canopy of a tropical rain forest, complete with sandy beaches on which you can recline in between dives. The diving here is ranked as some of the best in the world,

To the east, you'll discover hard coral gardens and sloping reef banks. Some also boast soft and fan corals with tropical fish darting around the environment. Diving here is fairly easy and relaxed, so it's a great spot for those less experienced divers.

In the west, north and south, the currents are stronger and there are sunken granite boulders to explore, making for more exciting dive conditions. Swim through arches and tunnels and look out for massive fan corals. 

Stop at the Fourth Island to explore Mu Ko Similan National Park, which offers restaurants and accommodation. Stay overnight and enjoy the sunrise and sunset, making the most of as many dive opportunities as possible.

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