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Make the Most of Your Visit to Krabi

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Make the Most of Your Visit to Krabi

story by: House of Travel

Thailand's Krabi province is all about diversity and variety: from idyllic island paradises, the hustle and bustle of Krabi town, to the awesome limestone karsts and mangroves that typify the region. Thrill seekers climb the trademark rocks and cliffs of Railay, sun worshippers flock to the beach-blonde shores of the region's 150 islands, while nature lovers trek the caves, waterfalls and mangroves of Than Bok Khorani National Park.

If you're looking for a Thailand holiday that offers a mix of experiences, each more authentic than the last, Krabi might just be the place for you. In a place with such an array of experiences, you'll want your Krabi holiday to be just that little bit different. Here are some unique activities to consider that many Krabi visitors miss out on.

Cook up a Thai storm
For many people, the number one reason to visit Thailand is to gorge themselves on the savoury Thai cuisine. Flavoursome curries, fresh herbs and noodles galore—it's the type of food that keeps you coming back for more.

But what if you not only ate meal after meal of delicious Thai food while in Krabi, but learned a few Thai cooking secrets too? Thai food is all about using fresh ingredients and recipes that stretch back generations. Luckily for food-lovers, there are a number of cooking schools in Krabi that are willing to share these recipes with hungry tourists.

Most classes take place in small, family-run establishments—it can feel like you've been invited into someone's home to cook with them. Learn how to unleash the power of a chili, or cook up an exquisite dish using only a handful of fresh herbs, spices and vegetables. The tricks of the trade you pick up here will send you home with more than just photos to show friends and family.

Part the seas
Ko Daam Kwan is just one of the many glorious islands sitting in the perfect blue ocean off Krabi's coast. It's the perfect spot to spend lazy days on the beach, broken up with a dip in the water to cool down. But it's also the location of one of Thailand's lesser-known curious sights, the natural phenomenon known as Thale Waek (Separated Sea).

For five days before and after full moon between December and mid-May the tides around Ko Daam Kwan shift and change dramatically within mere hours. As they lower, they reveal a sand bar that stretches across the water and connects to nearby Koh Dam Hok, allowing you to walk between the two islands.

To watch the sandbar emerge is a spectacular sight, one you can enjoy (if you time your visit right) by renting a boat from Ao Nang, roughly 14 kilometres outside Krabi town. Prices can vary (this is Thailand, after all), but a boat for eight to ten people should cost 2,000 – 2,500 baht.

Learn the art of Batik
Ban Na Teen, located in Krabi's Muang district, is a former cultivation area for residents of Ban Khlong Haeng to the North. Nowadays it's known locally for its quality crafts, including the traditional Batik, a method of dyeing wool and cloth, practiced commonly in Southeast Asia.

Curious visitors can spend a couple of days here staying with locals, where you will not only learn about the local way of life, but also try your hand at Batik. You can also learn various other crafts, such as rubber tapping and making paper from pineapple pulp. Ban Na Teen is also a strong fishing area, so if you fancy it you can catch your own squid and cook it, together with the locals, for dinner. 

A visit here gives you a unique insight into the more rural, less commercial side of Thailand and adds the perfect cultural element to your holiday in Krabi.

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