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Norfolk Island: 360 Degrees of Wonder

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Norfolk Island
Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island: 360 Degrees of Wonder

story by: Inspire Magazine

When you’re looking for a destination only a hop, skip and jump away...where you can escape the day to day chaos of life, yet still enjoy a good flat white or pinot gris – consider Norfolk Island.

If you need somewhere to fly and flop after the Christmas craziness, leave the hustle and bustle behind and immerse yourself in a unique blend of old world charm and modern luxury, Enjoy this petite 5km slice of paradise, with Air New Zealand flying to Norfolk Island via Brisbane. 

Now if you’re wondering what on earth you’d do to entertain yourself in such a small wee place for a week, fear not.

A quick jaunt around the island will reveal there are simply gorgeous beaches to laze upon, a winery that serves up a decadent tasting platter complete with edible flowers, a chocolatier, a coffee plantation, nature walks, horse-riding, fishing, snorkelling, museums, cyclorama and historic sites.

You’ll never go hungry in Norfolk and this is where it's coming of age. In Norfolk Island, it’s not about food miles – it’s food metres. Sustainable living with produce being grown locally is all the rage on this island.

Stay for a week with the direct flights from Auckland or fly via Australia mid week for shorter or longer stays. Keep an eye on Norfolk Island though, this destination has got charisma. There’s nowhere else in the world quite like her…and there’s way more to it than you think! It’s just a matter of time before everyone else finds out.

  • With a sub-tropical climate that’s tempered by the surrounding sea, it’s never blazingly hot and rarely cold enough to demand more than a light sweater. 
  • Anytime is ideal to travel, with temperatures ranging 24-28°C in summer and 19°C in winter
  • Air New Zealand fly to Norfolk Island via Brisbane.  
  • Fly Norfolk Island Airlines fly from Brisbane.
To find out more call 0800 838 747, visit or come instore!

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