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Meet You in France

story by: Inspire Magazine

France – the land of love, croissants, lavender countryside and all other things beautiful and delicious.

France thinks with its heart and enamours all who visit – you’ll fall head over heels in no time. From the enchanting banks of the River Seine and miles of sprawling green vineyards, to the velvety taste and rich aroma of locally produced wine and patisseries that give any others a run for their money. Indulge and relish in every last bite of what the very beautiful and generous France, so kindly offers.

More than just the city of love
In a nation of romance, Paris is the beating heart. You couldn’t travel here without revelling in a coffee and croissant at a quaint riverside café, venturing up the Eiffel Tower, browsing famous works of art at the Louvre and looking out over the sprawling city from atop the Arc de Triomphe.

The Bordeaux region is home to cultural and architectural gems, such as the exquisitely elegant Grand Theatre and impressive Cathedrale Saint Andre. It’s also the perfect place to indulge some of the country’s sinfully delectable wine – cheers to that! Visit one of the few hundred wine châteaux peppered throughout the area, such as the Château La Louviere, a beautiful stone estate with historic lush green grounds. Château Lascombes is another sumptuous destination, with the gorgeous 17th century estate covered in green, gold and red crawling vines.

Bon Appétit!
Sink your teeth into treats like hand crafted artisan bread and creamy soft cheese every chance you get (which is more often than not). Savour heavenly specialty dishes from different regions such as Lyon, in the Rhône Valley, which is arguably the country’s gastronomic capital. Take a cooking class at the Delicieusement Votre, where you can sharpen your patisserie and vegetable cutting technique and discover how to cook with paté, wine, lobster and truffles. Divine!

Head to the locally known bistro, Bouchons, and savour a pork dish, smoked caviar or Lyonnaise salad. Or if you’re up for some fine dining, treat yourself to a royal night out with a reservation at the La Mère Brazier. With two Michelin stars, you know the blue lobster or poached roasted chicken will be a meal your taste buds won’t forget!

Tales of tragedy & triumph
France is alive with history that dates back as far as pre-Roman times. You can gaze upon 36,000-year old cave paintings from the Pont-d’Arc Decorated Cave in Ardeche, marvel at medieval gems such as the striking Notre Dame Cathedral and get swept up in history by the magnificent walled city of Carcassonne.

Discover local tales of the French Revolution and the World Wars at museums and memorials throughout the country, and be sure to tell locals you’re from New Zealand. Kiwis occupy a special place in France’s heart due to our heroic wartime efforts, so you’ll be welcomed with open arms. Likewise, no matter where in France you visit, it’s sure to remain cherished in your memories forever.

Regional Rundown

Magnificent Châteaux


Stunning mix of French & German villages

Gastronomic heart & amazing mountains

Famous wine producing region

Charming hilltop villages & unique cuisine

Rich & famous French Riviera

Awe-inspiring Pyrenees mountains

Sensational sparkling wine

Wine capital of the world

Medieval villages & tasty cuisine

Home to the D-Day landing beaches

Stunning coastline & ancient walled cities
It’s always a good idea to go to France. To find out more give us a call on 0800 838 747, visit or come instore today.

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