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The Weird and Wonderful World of Shopping In the UK

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The Weird and Wonderful World of Shopping In the UK

story by: House of Travel

The United Kingdom is a source of many weird and wonderful things: There's Prince Harry, Promite, national newspaper headlines when the weather gets hot and an underground tube system that is at best confusing, and at worst positively mind-boggling. Once you get past all of that, there's the shopping, which is in equal parts outstanding and unique. 
So pack your bags - and your credit card - and jet off to explore this veritable wonderland of retail shopping.

Cardiff Market
Cardiff Market boasts plenty of history, blended perfectly with a vibrant atmosphere thanks to its city centre location. It's been operating since the 1700s, starting off selling livestock and produce before morphing into today's diverse market, which runs from Monday to Saturday. When it first opened there were very few retail stores in Cardiff, so the market was essential for locals to purchase everyday necessities. While the area has since added a few more stores to its arsenal, the market is still an ideal place to stop by and pick up fresh produce, dairy products, meat and freshly baked items. For those looking for souvenirs, you'll find jewellery, books, clothing and textiles hidden amongst the food stalls.

Enchantment, Edinburgh
This one definitely falls under the 'weird' category, but in all the right ways. The store bills itself as a "cultural gifts shop" specialising in fairies, angels and handmade crystal jewellery, with a touch of Wiccan, Pagan and other spiritual oddities thrown in for good measure. The shop is packed to the brim with gnome, imp, fairy and pixie figurines and gives you the feeling of entering some kind of underworld when you walk through the doors. The shop is small - and seems smaller thanks to the dangling fairies and elves that seem to come at you from every angle - and the aroma of incense fills the air, making for one truly multisensory experience.

Christmas Steps Art Quarter, Bristol
Wander through eight delightfully unique streets in Bristol to discover art galleries, independent shops, artisan stores and pottery studios. This area dates all the way back to the 1600s and these days serves as a shopping district that is effortlessly cool and charming, featuring its own theatre and museum alongside restaurants and pubs.

Check out the Christmas Steps Costume and Joke Shop, which is Bristol's oldest of its kind. The family business can outfit you in whatever fancy dress you desire, and fill your tummies from its 'cauldron of free sweets'. Head to Urban Fringe Dispensary for all your herbal apothecary needs, including free expert advice and a range of quality bespoke herbal medicines. There are three treatment rooms on site to help provide therapies and treatments.

Bedazzle yourself with a fresh new (well, almost new) outfit from Rag Trade Boutique, which sells recycled and refreshed clothing to deserving new owners. There are racks and racks of pre-loved women's designer wear, including sparkly party dresses and footwear that's already been worn in for you.

Junk, Manchester
Junk works to bring shoppers sustainable fashion that's never boring. The Manchester-made products are created in conjunction with up and coming designers, with three unique labels developed by the in-house design team. The shop itself is decorated in recycled materials and the clothes are made from discarded fabrics and pre-loved goods, reimagined into beautiful shirts, jumpers, dresses and more. The store is also part of the Green Pound scheme, reducing carbon footprints while helping to support local ethical businesses. You can also pick up jewellery to complete your new look.

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