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Take the Wheel in Croatia

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Plitvice Lakes

Take the Wheel in Croatia

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Croatia's long stretch of coastline makes it a picturesque spot for a Sunday drive, but why stop there? Roll convenience and ease of access into one package by hiring a car and driving yourself around this blissful holiday destination. Forget about navigating public transport - you're your own tour guide when you take this option.

Self-driving gives you the opportunity to explore areas in-depth and go at your own pace, roaming around towns and regions as the mood takes you. There have been significant upgrades to the motorway system in recent years, making it easier than ever to get across the country. 

Start by picking up a car in Zagreb or Opatija and head south towards Plitvice Lakes National Park, which boasts an incredible array of sightseeing opportunities. Park up and explore the Upper Lakes, a collection of 12 breathtaking bodies of water, then move on to Supljara Cave, which is classified as a geomorphological monument of nature.

Continue driving south and along the coast to discover small towns and villages, many of which are UNESCO Heritage sites. Stop in to St Jacob's Cathedral in Sibenik to bear witness to an architectural wonder - a building made entirely of stone, built between 1431 and 1535 and still standing tall today. More culture can be discovered at the Church of St. Krsevan, Church of St Francis and Churches of St. Nicholas and St. Lawrence. Stop in at local markets on the way to pick up fresh fruit, which is particularly sumptuous during Croatia's summer months.

As you head towards Dubrovnik, pull in to Ston for a seafood lunch that will take your breath away. This area is famed for its oyster production and has been producing sea salt for centuries, boasting more than its fair share of mouth-watering eateries. Dine seaside, along with the locals, at the Kapetanova kuca restaurant which you'll find located on the serene Mali Ston waterfront.

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