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Self Driving Germany's Romantic Road

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Rothenburg Germany

Self Driving Germany's Romantic Road

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Considering its name, you won't be surprised to hear that Germany's Romantic Road is a dramatic and inspiring route that conjures up images of fairy tales and love stories with its medieval villages and castles. 
You can hire a car and head along this route to discover just why it captures the hearts of many.

Hit the road: The basics
The route itself, which travels through Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, is loosely based upon an old Roman way between towns. It first became an attraction for tourists in the post-war years and its popularity steadily grew. 
Today, millions of tourists flock to this route annually and follow the 440km trail from Würzburg to Füssen. Along the way, brown signs indicate how to follow the road and link towns together. 

Some people travel by bus, train or a group tour, however hiring your own car allows you total freedom over what you see and how long you spend in each destination. Before you go, download the Romantic Road app for free for iOS and Android, which will give you lots of information on the attractions you'll see, including opening hours and admission prices, plus maps and other highlights. 

Along the road
Most people start their journey in Würzburg, a town watched over by its impressive Marienberg Fortress as well as other stunning architectural gems including a World Heritage-listed Prince Bishop's Residence. Here, you'll see the first sign for the official Romantic Road route. 

Continue on to destinations such as Weikersheim, home to the stunning Renaissance-style Weikersheim Castle, expansive green gardens and cosy marketplace square. You'll be welcomed into the square's taverns, restaurants and cafes with open arms. 

Don't miss the opportunity to spend some time at the magical, medieval destination that is Rothenburg. With winding cobbled lanes, old city walls and fortifications, you're instantly transported to another time. To soak in the old-worldly vibe, head to the Church of St Jacob and listen to an organ concert for an extremely moving experience. The marketplace and town hall are also made for charming experiences, with a weekly market, musical performances and other regular special events. Grab a cup of coffee, take in the incredible architecture and watch people from all over the world go by. 

Right in the centre of the Romantic Road where the Wornitz and Danube Rivers meet, you'll find the town of Donauwörth. You'll be struck by the variation in landscapes, with meteorite craters, steep cliffsides, quaint rivers and rolling hills. Take a trip to the Reichsstraße Main Street, which boasts charming houses with gabels and is often referred to as one of the most beautiful streets in the country. 

Closer to the end of the road is the beautiful town of Wildsteig. Located in the foothills of the Alps at 888m above sea level, there's plenty of gorgeous alpine scenery. Get out of your car and stretch your legs with a hiking trail through meadows, pine forests and bogs. King Ludwig Way, the Camino de Santiago and the Prelate Path are some you can try. In the village, visit Wies Church, Ettal Abbey and many other historical attractions. 

Your Romantic Road journey will finish up in the Bavarian town of Fussen, arguably one of the trail's most romantic destinations of all. The Old Town is more than 700 years old and features fairytale-like streets, palaces, castles and quaint shops and buildings. There are also beautiful baroque churches brimming with stunning religious art, such as St Mang's Benedictine Monastery. With a backdrop of the Alps, a lake district and the River Lech, you'll be swept off your feet by this atmospheric village.

It's time to book your flights and car hire, because you're about to embark upon the journey of a lifetime down the Romantic Road. 

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