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Top 6 Famous Foods and their Cities in the USA

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New Orleans Cooking
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Top 6 Famous Foods and their Cities in the USA

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Everybody knows the USA is full of mouthwatering flavours. There's every food you can think of, from deep-fried butter to the world's juiciest steaks and the biggest burgers you could ever dream of sinking your teeth into.
Across the cities and states of the country, there are various specialties on offer. Certain regions do specific foods like nowhere else, and when you're in these places you've just got to try the local fare. 

Here are six cities or states of America that are famous for a food. If you find yourself in one on your next holiday, be sure to visit with an appetite. 

Dine on lobster in Maine
Maine loves lobster so much it has its very own Lobster Festival, which is taking place next between July 29 and August 2, 2015. With a visit to this event, you'll see just how passionate Maine is about this dish.  

It's said the best lobster in the world comes from its coastline thanks to the environmental conditions, such as clean and cold water that these marine critters love. 

Visit a whole range of eateries offering up lobster-themed dishes to die for anywhere in the state. Try the The Maine Lobster Lady's lobster shack on wheels or Waterman's Beach Lobster for starters. 

Check out cheesesteak in Philadelphia 
What's cheesesteak, you ask? A delicious sandwich made from tasty steak and melted cheese - and you just can't beat the way it's made in Philadelphia. 

You won't have to search far to find one, either. These tasty sensations are everywhere in the region, whether sold at a food truck, pizza joint or specialty cheesesteak shop. 

Choose your type of cheese, decide whether you want onions and opt for other toppings to your taste. One thing's for sure, you're going to get an amazing sandwich!

Indulge in a deep dish pizza in Chicago 
Some say Italy has the best pizzas in the world - but talk to someone who's dined on Chicago's form of this food and they're bound to disagree. 

Chicago's very own style of pizza tends to consist of a chunky crust filled with cheese, a thick tomato sauce and plenty of meat, cooked in an oiled pan. The result? A seriously decadent and delicious pizza. 

Try out New Orleans' Cajun cuisine
New Orleans has an incredible culinary history, and its Cajun style food, which is rustic, comforting and simply delicious, is coveted around the world. With influences from the French, Native Americans and African cultures, the food tells stories and offers insight into the past as much as it delights the tastebuds. 

Indulge in hearty dishes such as gumbo, boudin and jambalaya. If you want to get a little bit more adventurous, you could try different varieties of suckling pig and fried alligator!

Try a classic New York pizza and bagel
Despite New York's nickname as the Big Apple, the foods it's famous for aren't usually prescribed as one a day to keep the doctor away. That said, you can't go to New York without trying a bagel and a slice of pizza from a local street vendor.

The bagels aren't anything like what you're used to, with black seed toppings and perfectly matched fillings giving them a unique flavour you won't find anywhere else in the world. A popular bagel filling choice is cream cheese and lox (cured salmon), which is considered a traditional part of American Jewish cuisine. With New York having the largest Jewish population in the United States, there is no better place to try this delicacy for yourself.

New Yorkers also have an affinity with pizza. These cheesy treats are deceptively simple - often just a topping of tomato and cheese - but the vendors have taken this basic recipe to new heights with subtle seasoning and the tastiest ingredients, making for a true slice of heaven in every bite.
Sink your teeth into a steak in Texas 
In Texas, bigger is always better, which is why this state is such a hotspot for big, juicy steaks. 

There's no shortage of steakhouses around, so pick one and make sure you're hungry when you visit, because there's no such thing as small portions. Order an authentic steak or opt for another Texan favourite such as ribs, a steak burger or a big bowl of nachos. Delicious.

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