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Markets, Bustle and Banter on Dublin’s Moore Street

Moore Street market in Dublin
Mrs. Brown's Boys D'Movie Poster Credit: Universal Pictures

Markets, Bustle and Banter on Dublin’s Moore Street

story by: Mike Williams

More to Moore Street than Mrs Brown

Look past the irrepressible characters and manic adventures of the 2014 film Mrs. Brown's Boys D'Movie and you’ll be intrigued by its rich, quintessential ‘old Dublin’ backdrop of Moore Street.

Dublin teems with opportunities to experience its charismatic culture and stirring beauty, not to mention relics from Ireland’s storied past and legacies from its time as the Celtic tiger. However, it’s the charm, friendliness and bustle of its people that makes Dublin great, and there’s no better embodiment of that, than the Moore Street market.

Moore Street is a historical landmark in itself, as it was occupied by members of the Irish Volunteers during the 1916 Easter Rising, a key moment in Irish history. Today, locals affectionately associate Moore Street as the home of the oldest fruit and veg market in Dublin and its boisterous traders. Full of banter and heavy accents, the market vendors are often descended from a long line of merchant traders. Watch fruit, vegetables, flowers and knick-knacks get delivered by horse drawn cart and listen to witty sales pitches passed down through the generations.

Agnes Brown, the lively and nosy matriarch of the Brown family, is a fictional stall holder at the Moore Street market. Mrs Brown was created and is portrayed by comedian Brendan O'Carroll, who has brought the comedic character to life on stage shows, a sitcom and now a movie. Mrs. Brown's Boys D'Movie, filmed on location in Dublin, sees Mrs Brown take on a corrupt Russian businessman, who is trying to convert her family's stall into a shopping centre. As well as the Moore Street market, look out for other Dublin icons such as The Customs House and Dublin quays.

Dubliners are looking to secure the Moore Street’s status as a historic landmark and protect it from potentially harmful developments. Just like Mrs Brown, the passionate locals won’t let anything happen to the market without a fight, but you’d better call in for a visit as soon as possible, just in case. Moore Street is an engaging, distinctive and stimulating daytime experience in the heart of Dublin. You’ll find it north of the River Liffey, just a few minutes away from the Spire. 

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