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Hitting the Beach in Hawai`i

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Hitting the Beach in Hawai`i

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Hawai`i is one of those few places where the name alone instantly transports you to a land of toe-digging sand and knee-grazing warm waters. Hawai`i - and most importantly, its beaches - is a travel mecca for anyone who loves a cloudless day and a perfect horizon.

Here are just a few of our favourite ways to enjoy the best of the beaches Hawai`i has to offer.

The best snorkelling spots
The quintessential Hawai`i activity, snorkelling is a guaranteed highlight of any trip and one for the photo albums.

One of the best places in Hawai`i - and by proxy, the world - to enjoy this is the idyllic Hanauma Bay just 30 minutes from Waikiki Beach by car. Renowned for its abundant and colourful fish life and sheltered waters, this busy spot is well worth the visit. Just pick up your gear for hire when you get there or sign yourself up for a tour if you want someone to show you around. Our 'HOT' tip? Head out early in the morning to catch the water when it's still for a crystal-clear view of the aquatic world below the surface.

For something you definitely can't see at home, plan a visit to the aptly named Turtle Town in Maui. Take a boat tour out for a personal encounter with this endangered species. Weighing anywhere from 200 to 500 lbs, you'll be amazed by how easily the Green Sea Turtles move through the water - and how curious they are about swimmers! You can get so close, in fact, you'll be able to see the tiny wrasse fish cleaning the turtles' shells, as well as a variety of other marine life.

The best beaches in Hawai`i
Laying claim to the title of best beaches in a place like Hawaii is not to be understated.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but no picture can quite capture the beauty of Lanikai Beach at O`ahu. The water is so blue and calm it looks more like a watercolour painting than anything on Earth, which makes it unsurprising that Lanikai translates as "heavenly sea". With a nearby coral reef keeping the waves to a minimum, this is the ultimate in relaxation. Hire a car to get out to this spot and don't spend too much time trying to capture it all on camera, because some things are simply better enjoyed in the moment!

You're not done with the beaches yet however, as Kauna`oa Bay on Big Island awaits you with softly lapping waves and bluer-than-blue waters. Also known as Mauna Kea Beach for its nearby hotel of the same name, the spot is ideal for snorkellers, sunbathers and sandcastle makers alike. For a real treat, head back to the beach after dark when the hotel switches on the floodlights over the water for a front row viewing of the nightlife in the water, where you will almost certainly see lurking manta rays and other fish.

The best places to fall in love (with)
Whether you're falling in love with Hawai`i or falling in love with that special someone, there's no denying the romance of these amorous attractions. Head to any one of them for a couples retreat, a honeymoon or even a wedding.

Waikiki is a hub of the island and you can pick your very own love shack from the array of accommodation options such as the Royal Hawaiian (on the waterfront), the Moana Surfrider (on the waterfront), Halekulani (on the waterfront) or one of the cottages at Turtle Bay Resort (you guessed it, on the waterfront).

Maui is a similar story with a smorgasbord of luxury hotel options. Try the palm-tree laden Grand Wailea Resort, the boutique Andaz, the incomparable Ritz Carlton or the ever-famous Four Seasons.

And for a romantic stay in Kaua`i, you can't go past the St Regis Princeville, which is just as regal as it sounds and will leave you feeling like kings and queens.
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