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Uncover New Horizons Cruising Through Asia

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Uncover New Horizons Cruising Through Asia

story by: Inspire Magazine

Temples in Thailand. Geishas in Japan. Peking Duck in China.

From tranquil temples and twinkling skylines, to bustling markets and exotic flavours that will give your taste buds a run for their money. See and do it all, in a place that will ignite all of your senses at once.

The continent of Asia is vast, offering up a melting pot of cultures, landscapes, history and more – not to mention it’s a gastronomic paradise! Each destination is utterly unique, with something special to uncover around every corner. And what better way to unlock the hidden treasures than being dropped at the back doorstep of some of Asia’s most loved ports? 

A cruise around Asia allows you a unique and far-reaching holiday. By day, disembark and explore everything from ancient cities and religious shrines to Southeast Asian beaches, home to some of the world's most pristine and unspoilt shores. Learn about the region's captivating history, and see for yourself why people have been intoxicated by the sensory wonders of Asia for centuries. 

Not only will you experience the colourful array of treats in Asia, you'll be wined and dined, entertained and kept in comfort on board your stylish ship. Ahhhh... feel that weight being lifted off your shoulders! No need to worry about where to stay, how to get there, transfers and so on – once you’re onboard, the rest is history.


Shanghai is an exhilarating, enchanting city that has to be explored by any Asia traveller. Stroll down the Bund alongside Neoclassical buildings still standing from colonial times, then in total contrast on the other side of the river, gaze at incredible skyscrapers and ultra-modern feats of architecture that reach for the skies. Take a tour to Zhouzhuang, a compelling water village known as the "Venice of the East," with many charming homes dating back to the Ming and Qing dynasties. 
A stop in Beijing is on most agendas, so now’s the time to introduce yourself to the city’s World Heritage Sites. Stroll over sections of the iconic Great Wall of China that stretches across from east to west, then all you need to do is experience the grandeur of the Forbidden City and Beijing is officially yours. 

In Vietnam, Halong Bay captures the imagination with its colossal rock formations that erupt from and loom over the tranquil emerald waters. Cruising through these waters really lets you capture a glimpse of Vietnam that can only be seen from the sea. 

Wandering around Tokyo's sprawling Metropolis you'll feel like you've been teleported into the future. The electronic stores resemble theme parks and the immaculately presented, intensely flavoured food options are never ending. Visit a cat café, chat with the lovely locals, watch a sumo match, stroll through the beautifully manicured gardens... magical Tokyo has something for everyone. 

Hong Kong is also full of enthralling attractions, including the gorgeous Victoria Harbour and the mammoth Tian Tan Buddha "Giant Buddha". Be sure to travel up the escalator and tram to The Peak, the highest point of Hong Kong boasting stunning views of the cityscape and lush natural surrounds. 

Finally, you can't help but fall under the spell of Singapore's Orchard Road, the city's shopping and entertainment hub, humming with thousands of brands at your fingertips. Nature lovers can visit Jurong Bird Park, the largest of its kind in the world, with more than 5,000 birds across 400 different species. 

See all of this and more on a cruise through Asia, where you’ll leave with broadened horizons and memories of friendly local faces. It’s time to experience something new and unique, and we’re pretty confident in saying you’ll be dreaming up your next exotic Asia cruise before you know it.

There are plenty more cruises in the sea! For further tasty Asian adventures, visit, give us a call on 0800 838 747 or come instore.

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