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Top 5 Weekend Getaways from Perth

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Top 5 Weekend Getaways from Perth

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Perth is one of Australia's gems to travel to, and not only is the city itself great, there are also plenty of wonderful places nearby.

Why not take a weekend escape outside the city limits when you head to this part of the country? You'll be treated to an array of magnificent sites sure to have you enchanted. 

Here are five of the best weekend getaway destinations for you to consider. Your only challenge will be picking one - unless of course, you decide to travel them all. 

Yalgorup National Park 
Just over 100km south of Perth and 20km from Mandurah town, this park is home to some truly incredible natural features. With lakes, reserves and a wondrous variety of bird life, you can expect to be left awe-inspired by what you see. From wetlands to forest, there are all sorts of great landscapes to soak in. 

Another highlight of this park is its Thrombolites of Lake Clifton, which are 2000 year old organisms linking back to Earth's early life forms. You can view these from a boardwalk. 

If you're eager to hike, check out the amazing nature walks at Lake Preston and Martins Tank Lake Campground for great views. 

The Pinnacles
A wonderfully unique desert landscape, the Pinnacles is an intriguing place to explore. It's home to thousands of mysterious limestone pillars that shoot up out of the arid terrain, reaching heights of up to four metres tall. The scenery here is often compared to that of the moon. 

To get here, you drive around three hours from central Perth to Nambung National Park. During your visit, you might spot some wildlife including western grey kangaroos, emus and reptiles. 

You might want to base yourself in the nearby fishing village of Cervantes when you visit. 

Ferguson Valley
If you love food and wine, this is a great place to go. Gorgeous green undulating hills are home to vineyards and microbreweries, and it's a favourite location for live music events and other performances. 

It's also home to the kooky "Gnomesville" town, where around 3,000 gnomes from around the world have somehow materialised. Just where they are all from remains a mystery. 

For a peaceful and beautiful place to stay on your visit, check out Honeymoon Pool. 

Lane Poole Reserve
Lane Poole Reserve can be found just over 100 kilometres from Perth, and spans for more than 50,000 hectares. From here, you can access the Murray River for a spot of fishing, kayaking or simply relaxing.  

There are six campgrounds in the area, all of which provide great access to hiking trails and beautiful forests. No matter which one you set out upon, you won't be disappointed by the lovely scenery. 

Rottnest Island 
Why not take a ferry trip to the picturesque Rottnest Island? This is less than 20 kilometres from Perth, is wonderfully scenic and the perfect location for a weekend escape. 

The island is home to 63 beaches, a number of intriguing snorkelling sites and marvellous wildlife, such as the adorable and cuddly quokkas. 

In addition to this, there are great pathways for walking and cycling, with a number of gorgeous nature trails for eager hikers, too. 

It's also easy to find a great cup of coffee, meal, snack or alcoholic beverage. You can't go wrong with the diverse array of options on this alluring isle. Whether you want to visit a gallery or play a game of golf, there will be something to tickle your fancy.

Whichever destination you choose to travel to from Perth, you are in for a great experience, with stunning landscapes and attractions at every turn.


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