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Take a Food and Beverage Roadie through Western Australia

Picnic at Vasse Felix vineyard
Margaret River Watershed  WInes
West Australia Vineyard Meal

Take a Food and Beverage Roadie through Western Australia

story by: House of Travel

Western Australia is home to some truly mouthwatering food and drink. It's also an extremely large state, which means that one of the best ways is travelling around is to hire your own car, hit the road the drive. 

What exactly is there to see, do and taste? We've narrowed it down to some amazing spots you can visit with your own vehicle. Be sure to check out these gems when you make your way to Western Australia for the taste test of a lifetime. 

Visit Margaret River wineries and restaurants
Margaret River is home to a whole host of sumptuous flavours, for both food and beverages. One must-visit here is the hotel Cape Lodge's restaurant, which has drawn acclaim from all around the world for its gourmet offerings.  

Then there's Lamont's at Smiths Beach, which offers up another smorgasbord of flavours. You'll see plenty of marron dishes on this menu, which brims with fresh, seasonal food.

If it's organic and biodynamic food and drink you're after, be sure to visit Cullen Wines Restaurant. This establishment follows a philosophy of sustainability, so you know your food is fresh and everything is operated in an environmentally friendly way. 

For beautiful views, don't miss the Watershed Winery, which also features rare wines such as sangiovese, zinfandel and viognier.

Check out Perth's boutique breweries
Perth's craft beer scene has really been heating up in recent years, and it's in this city you will find some of the best drops in the country. Not only that, but you can also learn a whole lot about how these brews are made. 

Many of these are located in the Swan Valley district, such as Elmar's in the Valley, which offers up German-inspired food and beverages. Then there's the family-run Feral Brewing Company and, close by in Fremantle, wonderful Little Creatures Brewing. 

At Little Creatures Brewing, you can come and tour the facilities and get a behind-the-scenes insight into how it's all made. Top it all off with some of the foodie offerings on hand to be enjoyed in the backyard and you have the makings of one fantastic afternoon. 

Time your visit to a foodie festival
Western Australia is also home to a number of exciting food and drink related festivals, so why not time your visit to coincide with one of these extravaganzas? 

This year, for example, you can enjoy the Margaret River Gourmet Escape, which is scheduled for November 21 - 23. One of its highlights is slated to be the 'Gourmet Village', the centre of the action. Hosted at the sumptuous Leeuwin Estate Winery, there will be cooking demonstrations, wine tastings, question and answer sessions, panel discussions and master classes galore. There will also be a bunch of delicious food and drink on offer, of course, so you won't leave unsatiated. 

'Taste Great Southern' is another foodie event that takes Western Australia by storm, featuring a whole number events across destinations such as Albany and Perth. Highlights include farmers' markets, guest chef demonstrations, degustations, beach barbecues and picnics. 

If you're a fruit lover, why not head to a festival such as the regional Manjumup Cherry Harmony Festival, set to take place this December? There's nothing quite like paying a visit to a unique event such as this, featuring cooking sessions, musical entertainment, stalls, group lunches and wine tastings, to name just a selection of the action-packed offerings.

If one thing's clear, it's that Western Australia is one delicious destination, sure to to get your tastebuds tingling. All you need to do is hire a car and arrive with an appetite. 

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