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Oh, the Places You’ll Go... on a Grand Voyage

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Oh, the Places You’ll Go... on a Grand Voyage

story by: Inspire Magazine

Like the buccaneering adventurers Columbus and Cook before you, embark on an epic voyage across the seven seas on the lookout for natural wonders, intriguing cultures and your own slice of paradise.

Infused with luxury, a world cruise or grand voyage will take you on an enthralling journey, traversing the high seas, exploring the marvels of the natural world and visiting new, intoxicating destinations along the way. A colossal cruise around the world is more than just your average cruise, it's a whole odyssey that will have you venturing to awe-inspiring corners of the globe.


A world cruise is the perfect option for those seeking an unforgettable adventure around the ocean exploring exotic destinations. Enjoy perspective-altering encounters with diverse cultures on a vast journey that can span countries, continents or even hemispheres. 

All the major cruise lines offer grand voyages that venture across the high seas for anywhere between 80 and 100 days. Experience the whole epic journey or purchase a segment fare, allowing you to join the ship in your preferred part of the world. So where exactly can you travel? The options are endless! Cruise around the United States, discover the mysteries of Asia, safari in Africa and uncover the hidden gems of the Pacific. You've got the whole world at your fingertips. 

You'll be treated to a total range of sights and experiences as you make your way around the world. Wander through ancient and astonishing UNESCO World Heritage-listed sites one day and make cultural discoveries at remote and authentic villages the next. 

On your days at sea, there are plenty of entertainment and relaxation options to make sure every moment of your getaway is something to savour. 

World cruises tend to operate annually between October and April, following the sun around the globe. You'll be chasing the summer weather as you traverse the twinkling ocean, so you can expect a sun-drenched holiday with balmy temperatures. This gives you perfect weather for lounging by the pool and on your ship's decks as you make your way between ports. 

The perfect blend of seamlessly crafted itineraries, matched with decadent cruise ships and attentive expert staff, a world cruise is something that can be truly life enriching. So we welcome you onboard and invite you to embark on the journey of a life time. 

There are plenty more cruises in the sea! To hear more about navigating your way around the world, visit, give us a call on 0800 838 747 or come instore.

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