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Aussie's Top 5 Cultural Foodie Escapes

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Flames of the Forest Port Douglas
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Aussie's Top 5 Cultural Foodie Escapes

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Seafood, fresh fruit and vegetables, juicy and succulent meat - who could resist some of Australia's greatest foodie delights?

If you're on the lookout for a trip that's truly mouthwatering, head to Australia to experience a range of cultural and food-related escapes that will leave your tastebuds tingling.

Here are five to choose from that are sure to satiate your palate. 

Flames of the Forest 
In the lush tropical surrounds of Port Douglas, one of Queensland's most beautiful destinations, surrender to a sumptuous range of edible delights as warm, gentle lights and a balmy tropical heat envelop you. 

Some nights of the week you can experience a romantic setting, while other nights offer cultural insight, where two local indigenous brothers showcase their stories and traditions while you enjoy a delicious, Australian-inspired meal. 

Sounds of Silence
In the midst of the stunning Australian desert, you can dine beneath a canopy of beautiful stars. In Australia's 'Red Centre', home to Ayers Rock, you will be treated to a magnificent meal, all the while being told of amazing Outback and desert tales. 

Your experience will last four hours, beginning with canapes, chilled sparkling wine and of course, unforgettable views over the Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa National Park. You'll get to see a brilliant sunset, witness traditional dance and experience an introduction into Aboriginal culture. 

Charcoal Lane
Get involved in a social enterprise located in Melbourne. Charcoal Lane is an establishment that aims to make a real difference in the lives of young, disadvantaged individuals, with a particular focus on Aboriginal people. Training and employment opportunities are offered in a real working environment, and there's a focus on education and teamwork, as well as personal skills development.
Check out this initiative's restaurant, found of Gertrude Street, Fitzroy. Here, the food has a distinct Aboriginal flavour, offering up a relaxed dining atmosphere and inviting decor. Check out the menu to see which rare ingredients are on offer - you're sure to find a flavour you love. 

Bush Dinner
How about experiencing a real Aussie bush tucker meal? You can do just that with a lunch or dinner in the bush of the stunning Northern Territory. 
Imagine sinking your teeth into home-baked delights as you take in the stunning views of the vast MacDonnell Ranges, for example. Surrounded by gorgeous wildlife such as cooing birds, your experience will be one of serenity and of course, great flavours! 

This area has a rich Aboriginal heritage, so your guide will be able to give you some in-depth insight and background into the heritage of the area.

Tjapukai by night dinner
Discover Aboriginal culture and great food in Queensland with a winning combination of a dance show and dinner. Your senses will be ignited as you are treated to dance and storytelling that delves into Dreamtime and other Aboriginal traditions. 

Expect mouthwatering hot and cold dishes, as well as a truly sensation range of desserts made fresh by the the local Tjapukai pastry chef.

The dancing is sure to capture your imagination while a campfire session afterwards offers you the opportunity to ask the performers questions. What could be better than a night out in a beautiful location that combines a smorgasbord of tasty foods with cultural and historical discovery? Not only will you walk away with a full and happy belly, you'll also have learnt a whole lot from the experience.

If this article has you feeling hungry, why not look into booking a delectable cultural foodie experience in Australia? You only live once, as they say, so why not indulge in some delicious tucker all the while exploring and discovering more about the world.

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