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Witness the Wildflower Season in Western Australia

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Witness the Wildflower Season in Western Australia

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Did you know that Western Australia has a stunning wildflower season? The rugged landscape comes alive with a blaze of brilliant colours and lush scents from June to November, turning the countryside into all sorts of beautiful colours in one of the world's most spectacular displays of wildflowers.

From bright pink boronias to red and green kangaroo paws and orange banksias, there is a whole host of flowers on display. In fact, there are more than 12,000 plant species in total that you can see throughout the six month blooming period. 

Because it's such a stunning sight, there are many tour operators in the area who can take you to some of the top spots. Otherwise plot out your own journey across Western Australia and visit some of the highlights for yourself.

Kings Park
Kings Park in Perth is one of the best places to see the flowers. There's even a Kings Park Wildflower Festival held every year during September, putting on show 1,700 native species amongst 17 hectares of the park. 
There is the Kings Park Wilderness and Wildflowers Trail on offer that takes about one to one and a half hours to walk, with flowers such as milkmaids, postmen and pixies to enjoy. 

Fitzgerald River National Park
Fitzgerald River National Park is another wonderful destination for wildflower viewing. Here, you can gaze upon the stunning colours and intricate natural formations of up to 1,800 species of flowers and plants. The landscape is stunning, from cliffsides, peaks and valleys to serene rivers and undulating plains. 

Whether you enjoy bushwalking, four-wheel driving, canoeing, swimming or fishing in this diverse national park, you'll be treated to mile upon mile of gorgeous wildflowers as you go along. 

Karijini National Park
Karijini National Park is home to dramatic rocky scenery with outcrops and gorges galore. However, even this arid landscape comes to life in the wildflower season with a range of captivating flowers that you have to see to believe.

Wander the region and cast your eyes upon eye-catching yellow cassias and wattles, delightful northern bluebells and purple mulla-mullas just for starters. 

You never know what kind of technicolour sights you'll come across next as you traverse the rocky landscape finding bright flowers, beautiful springs and pools. 

Coalseam Conservation Park
Coalseam Conservation Park, located about a five hours' drive north of Perth, is home to some of the country's boldest and brightest wildflowers. Explore the fields of pink, gold cream and white everlastings, banksias, hakeas and grevilleas sure to enchant your senses with colours and alluring fragrances. 

The park is also brimming with wildlife including emus, echidnas, cockatoos and kangaroos, making for an extra special experience amongst the blankets of colourful flora. 

There are plenty of walking trails within the park to give you a good overview of its highlights, which also includes Australia's first coal mine and a range of fossilised marine life preserved in the riverbanks. 

Outback wildflower driving routes
If you have a particular interest in a certain flower or area, there are a range of driving itineraries to allow you to discover these. For example, there is the 10-day Everlastings Trail drive that takes you to see the best of these flowers on a winding route from Perth to Bindoon.

Then there's the Granite Loop Trail that emphasises Western Australia's giant granite outcrops surrounded by bright wildflowers and vegetation. This visits floral hotspots such as Toodyay, Wyalkatchem, Billycatting Rock and Billiburning Reserve.

Witnessing Western Australia's wildflowers in bloom is a breathtaking experience, so make sure to add it to your travelling wish list and get going!

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