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Top 10 Island Holidays in Queensland

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Everybody loves a break to a gorgeous island destination, but did you know that Queensland, Australia, is home to a stunning series of isles, too? 

Take a tropical getaway with a difference to one of these sumptuous destinations and while your days away in the sun, sand and surf.

1 - Tangalooma, Moreton Island
Located towards south east Queensland, Tangalooma on Moreton Island is a veritable oasis.

From its frequent visitors, playful wild dolphins, to its water sports, banana boating, paddleboarding and sand dune tobogganing, you'll never run out of things to do here. 
There are plenty of hikes and beach sports on offer, too. 

2 - Fraser Island
Fraser Island is a stunning, World Heritage-listed destination, full of beautiful emerald green forest, stunning crystal waters, over 100 freshwater lakes and pristine beaches. 
Wander beneath ancient rainforest canopies, clamber up giant dusty sand dunes and check out the region's rare species, including dugongs and various species of turtle. 

3 - Stradbroke Island
Another southeastern gem, Stradbroke Island is just a ferry ride away from Moreton Bay, not far from Brisbane, and is home to sumptuous seafood restaurants, beautiful beaches and world-class views.

Check out Amity, a gorgeous sleepy fishing village, and Dunwich, which is full of art galleries, history and heritage. 

Between May and July and August and October, make sure you stand atop the Point Lookout headlands to watch migrating whales breach the surface. Frolicking whales and sea turtles are also visible in the waters. 

4 - Lizard Island
Looking for an island that will have you living in the lap of luxury? Head to Tropical North Queensland's Lizard Island, a stunning resort setting. With the Great Barrier Reef as your backdrop, you can wander empty beaches, snorkel in crystal-clear waters or dive at the world-famous Cod Hole site. 

Enjoy rejuvenating spa treatments, mouthwatering gourmet cuisine and elegant accommodation while you're here. 

5 - Lady Elliot Island
Also nestled amongst the Great Barrier Reef, towards the southern end, is Lady Elliot Island. This gem is an island sanctuary teeming with manta rays, turtles, reef sharks and untouched coral reefs. 

You can walk around the entirety of this small island within an hour, taking in its thriving forest and golden beaches. Take a dip in the unbelievably clear waters that have over 20 metres visibility. 

Some unique island-based activities are available, such as a 'NIght Stalk', which takes you around the island at night to see nocturnal animals. 

6 - Heron Island
Luxury, rest and relaxation - that's what Heron Island's about. Spend your days languidly exploring the colourful coral reefs, laying out in the sunshine and checking out the local wildlife. 

This island is home to two protected species of turtle, the Green Turtle and the Loggerhead Turtle, and you'll often spot these creatures wandering up and down the beach. 

Go snorkelling and you'll see some more of the Great Barrier Reef's turtles, sharks, dolphins and tropical fish all at home in their undersea world. 

7 - Hamilton Island
Part of the breathtakingly beautiful Whitsundays Island group, Hamilton Island is a real tropical paradise. It can cater to a diverse range of activities, from couples in search of deserted, romantic beaches to those seeking great golfing, snorkelling, diving or spa treatments.

8 - Fitzroy Island 
Fitzroy Island has the perfect ratio of rainforest and beach to explore. 

Delve into the ocean to explores its colourful marine wonders or take a bush walking trail such as the Lighthouse or Summit walk, which offer stunning views. Don't miss a walk to the Secret Garden or a stroll along Welcome Bay. 

9 - Green Island
Green Island is just a pleasurable 45 minute catamaran ride from Cairns, and is home to a stunning array of plants, birds and coral gardens. 

Take a leisurely sunset cruise, go swimming or simply enjoy the untouched, ancient nature of your surroundings.

10 - Hayman Island 
Hayman Island is another gem in the Whitsunday Islands' crown. This private resort island is home to lush green forest, glowing white sand and stunning cliffsides.
Surrender to luxury with spa treatments, five-star dining and incredible panoramic views of nature at its best. 

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