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Five Ways to Enjoy Tahiti


Five Ways to Enjoy Tahiti

story by: House of Travel Specialist

Multi-coloured, crystal clear lagoons and lush green vegetation views surround you 360 degrees. Take a breath of the frangipani-infused air and pinch yourself. You’re finally in Tahiti and dying to get out and enjoy it! 

Here are five ideas to help get you started.

Snorkel at a Plane Wreck
Hold your breath and dive beneath the warm blue waters to view the wreck of a Cessna aircraft. The friendly locals will happily direct you to the crash landing site of an old inter-island plane, only 7 metres below the waves. The hollow body of the aircraft rests on the lagoon seabed and is home to colourful fish who flit and dart through the open cockpit. It’s like being inside your very own aquarium! 

Ride in an Outrigger Canoe
Paddle your way back in time as you imagine conquering the Pacific Ocean in these single-hulled outrigger canoes, navigating by the stars and winds like the ancient Polynesians. The outrigger canoe is sturdy enough to cross the South Pacific as well as being manoeuvrable to glide over shallow lagoons. In modern day Tahiti, the outriggers are now motorized and used as inter-island transport.

Have a Local Food Experience 
One of the best ways to truly experience a culture is through it’s food. So rock yourself on down to Vaiete Square situated on the Papeete waterfront in the evening. Here you can discover “Les Roulottes” the local food caravans serving an array of fresh, cheap and delicious food. Peruse through the options on blackboard menus and find yourself a seat at a table in the outdoor seating, where you can soak up the sights and smells of the lively atmosphere. Tuck into a tuna steak with frites and wash it down with a tasty local Hinano beer!

Discover Tahitian Vanilla
Did you know that Tahitian vanilla is the most awarded in the world? Tahitian vanilla is plumper, sweeter and also richer in oil than other vanilla varieties. Perfect for flavouring drinks and food as well as used in perfumes. Vanilla is also said to be an effective aphrodisiac! Papeete’s central market is good place to hunt for some of Tahiti’s treasured vanilla to take home with you. You’ll be sure never to think of vanilla as plain again! 

Gaze at the Southern Hemisphere Stars
Be mesmerised by the southern night sky where you are likely to see about 20% more stars in the southern hemisphere than in the north. No need to wrap up warm to enjoy this spectacle as the evening temperatures average 23 degrees Celsius. Every Friday and Saturday night the Astronomers Society of Tahiti open up their observatory and telescopes to the public to observe the dance of the galaxies. The beauty of Tahiti’s night sky is second to none!

Whether you’re swimming in the beautiful lagoon, shopping for a bargain in the markets or outside stargazing, Tahiti will create memories to last a lifetime. Be sure to get out and make the most of it!

By House of Travel Specialist: Caroline Jane Milburn

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