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Bali: A Hot Destination for Foodies

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Bali: A Hot Destination for Foodies

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Exotic herbs and spices, juicy meats, straight-from-the-ocean seafood, fresh local fruit and veg - when it comes to dining in Bali, you can expect of all this, and more. 

Bursting with alluring aromas and sumptuous flavours, the island destination is a veritable foodie paradise. Pair this with its stunning scenery, relaxed way of life and plenty of things to see and do and you've got a recipe for a truly tasty and tantalising holiday. 

Here are some of the delicious experiences you can savour on a holiday in Bali. 

All about Bali's foodie scene
Get your tastebuds ready to indulge in Bali. With so much delicious food on offer, and at such wickedly affordable prices, there's no point in even trying to resist. 

First up, head to a warung (cafe, restaurant and foodstall) to try some of Bali's most classic dishes. Lawar is one traditional meal made up of a mix of vegetables, coconut and minced meat and of course plenty of flavourful herbs and spices.

Then there's Babi Guling, roast suckling pig. Enjoy this local favourite bursting with spices and slow-cooked over a fire. Expect plenty of tumeric, coriander, pepper and garlic, with this juicy meal positively brimming with flavour. It's a quintessential Balinese dish, so if you're a real foodie, you simply have to try it. 

Then there's Bebek Betutu, which is spicy duck wrapped in banana leaf and served with vegetables. 

Rujak is something else to wrap your mouth around. This is a delectable sweet and sour salad including goodies such as mango, mixed up with some sugar and salt. 

Try some Balinese desserts while you're in town, too. Sticky black rice pudding is absolutely to die for, while a slice of jaja, a flat cake, is great with a cup of tea. 

Next of all you'll be wondering just where you can go to find an array of these tasty treats. Here are some of the best foodie hotspots to head to while you're visiting Bali. Just make sure you come hungry!

Bumbu Bali
Head to the heart of Ubud, where you can find Bumbu Bali. This is paradise for foodies, with its restaurant, cooking school and night market.

Here there is a focus on real, authentic Balinese cuisine, which is served in a traditional village setting for the most genuine experience possible. The best ingredients are sourced from local markets and seafood straight from the ocean. You can rest assured you'll be dining on great tasting food in an amazing setting, as this restaurant has won a number of awards.

Enthusiastic foodies will be in heaven with the cooking lessons on offer, including how to source the best ingredients and how to make some truly mouthwatering dishes - which of course you will get to savour. 

Mama San
Head to this trendy eatery in Seminyak, which is influenced by flavours from across South East Asia and from both traditional and contemporary practice. An elegant dining experience is what's on offer, with sleek and sophisticated decor and service. 

Dig into a dish of stir fried prawn or Sichuan fried cumin lamb, or tempt your palate with Burmese short rib beef curry. With meals inspired by China, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, there's something for everybody on this menu.

This is just a fraction of what's on offer for foodies in Bali - so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to explore all its culinary wonders. You're going to want to savour every single flavour you come across on this sumptuous isle. 

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