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Awesome Adventures in Oregon

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Awesome Adventures in Oregon

story by: Inspire Magazine

It's time to discover the enchanting state of Oregon in the northwest of the United States. Why? Think gorgeous alpine forests, dramatic Pacific Coast beaches, fascinating landscapes and the state's undying passion for food and wine - what's not to love?

Oregon is paradise - especially for those who love the outdoors, as many days can be spent relishing its natural treasures. Take the Oregon Coast, for instance. There is around 584 kilometres of stunning coastline to explore, with vast sand dunes, sheer cliffs and ancient forests. Beautiful coastal towns and fishing villages are also to be visited, such as Cannon Beach, Newport and Garibaldi.

The Columbia River Gorge and Crater Lake are some other watery wonders. Dramatic cliffs plunge into the lake, with deep, sapphire blue colouring which has to be seen to be believed. Perfect for hiking, kayaking and all manner of outdoor pursuits.

Oregon’s most populous city, hip and quirky Portland, is laid back with a friendly vibe. The city is nice and flat with attractions close by, so be sure to pack your walking shoes.

The culinary scene in the city is fantastic, expect local and organic fresh produce. All the care that’s gone into its production is evident in the succulent flavours you’ll find around every corner. Beverage wise, you’ve got your artisanal wines, and hops and barley beers which are grown in the state so once again, those local flavours find their way to your tastebuds.

Head to Southwest 10th Avenue and Alder Street for a tantalising variety of food carts and pods. Once you’ve had your fill, be sure to explore the city landscape. The Pearl District is a cultural gem, so enjoy its features such as the world’s largest independent bookstore, old loading docks and cobblestones galore, finishing up with a stylish dining experience. Also be sure to lap up the shops, because Oregon is a tax-free state, which means tax-free shopping!

You could take our word for it that Oregon is amazing - or just see for yourself.

"Expect local and organic fresh produce. All the care that's gone into its production is evident in the succulent flavours you'll find around every corner."


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