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Inspire Magazine - Take in the Serenity of Kaua'i


Inspire Magazine - Take in the Serenity of Kaua'i

story by: Inspire Magazine

For a serene spot full of hidden gems and empty beaches, head to Kaua‘i. Get a taste of authentic Hawaiian life in this little slice of tropical heaven.

This wonder often draws comparisons to the Grand Canyon. Its 22 kilometre-long formation with deep valleys, dramatic cliff faces, jagged rocks and panoramic views that stretch on as far as the eye can see, set you up for a view to remember.

Hike the challenging 17km Kalalau Trail, which will guide you along the coast and allow you to take in the emerald green of the forest contrasted by the sapphire sea, and stumble upon ethereal waterfalls. Your finish line is the gorgeous sight of deserted Kalalau Beach.

Traverse the Koloa Heritage Trail to get a taste of the island’s culture. Koloa was the site of Hawaii’s first commercial sugar plantation, then there’s Pau A Laka gardens that were established in the 1930s, Hapa Road where Hawaiians have lived since 1200 AD and Kauai’s first church, the Koloa Missionary Church.

Take location tours where hit movies have been filmed; including Jurassic Park: The Lost World, Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark, King Kong and plenty more!

Na Pali Coast - If you’re not eager to walk, take a boat tour around the coast instead.

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