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Top Dives in Vanuatu

Vanuatu Diving
Vanuatu Dive David Kirkland © David Kirkland

Top Dives in Vanuatu

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The twinkling waters of Vanuatu simply make for the perfect environment for a dive. With a treasure trove of underwater delights to be discovered, why not plunge into the deep blue? 

Here are two of Vanuatu's top spots for diving.

Paul's Rock
Divers come from all around the world to check out Paul's Rock. This underwater landscape consists of an old volcanic plug and attracts a rich array of marine life. 

Colourful coral adorns undersea caves and fascinating formations, from yellow to orange and purple. Float around the twisting and turning columns of rock discovering new wonders around every bend. Expect to see reef sharks and giant schools of fish - not to mention crabs and shrimp! 

Hat Island
Named thanks to its peculiar hat-like shape, the mostly deserted Hat Island is another volcanic region with plenty of thrilling terrain for divers. Perhaps best of all the water is absolutely crystal-clear, meaning visibility is second-to-none. 

There are a couple of dive sites in the area that are particularly spectacular. The Grotto of Clams begins with an exciting swim full of colourful crayfish and ends with a magical dropoff and overhang where you're sure to see a whole host of undersea creatures. Then there's the Taj Mahal site, which has an incredible reverberant cavern reminiscent of the Indian palace itself. While fish and marine creatures are abundant all around Hat Island, you'll find the biggest schools and most impressive colourful varieties at the dive site Fish City. 

Getting there
Both Paul's Rock and the Hat Island dive sites are accessible from the capital Port Vila on the island of Efate. There are a number of tour operators to choose from who are experienced in local conditions and dive sites, full of handy hints to help you make the most of your dive. The surrounding landscape is also incredibly impressive, built up over time from deposits of ash and other debris. Drawing comparisons to the landscape of the moon, it has to be seen to be believed. 

The island is easy to get to as well. Tanna is just a 35-minute flight from the capital Port Vila. The mountain is easily accessible from the airport, with a number of tours and transfers available. It won't be long before you're gazing at the majestic Mount Yasur!

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