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Exploring Volcanoes in Vanuatu

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Exploring Volcanoes in Vanuatu

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Do you love thrilling experiences, or are you a fiend for stunning natural sights? Do you have a hankering to see a live volcano, up close and personal?

There are few places in the world where you can do this - but Vanuatu is one of them. Discover the wonderful world of molten magma and flowing liquid lava in Vanuatu - here's how.

Vanuatu - a volcanic world
Vanuatu's island of Tanna is home to a spectacular volcano named Mount Yasur, which reaches heights of around 361 metres. This geological wonder is one of the world's most accessible active volcanoes, and you can get pretty close - but beware of going too far! View the explosions and spluttering from the mountain's various vents from a safe distance, as you just never quite know what this mountain is going to do next.

Twilight tours around the region offer the best chance to see Mount Yasur at its best, when bright yellow, orange and red volcanic activity lights up the dark sky. The sight itself isn't all - the hissing, popping and booming sounds reverberating from under the mountain are also spectacular. Breathe in the sulphurous smell and marvel at the fact you are gazing upon a volcano in action! 

The surrounding landscape is also incredibly impressive, built up over time from deposits of ash and other debris. Drawing comparisons to the landscape of the moon, it has to be seen to be believed. 

The island is easy to get to as well. Tanna is just a 35-minute flight from the capital Port Vila. The mountain is easily accessible from the airport, with a number of tours and transfers available. It won't be long before you're gazing at the majestic Mount Yasur!

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