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Three Romantic Beaches in Fiji

Vomo Island Rocks beach Vomo Island Fiji

Three Romantic Beaches in Fiji

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Heading away on a romantic couples' getaway? Looking for that perfect proposal spot? Look no further, as we've got the low-down on some of the most romantic beachside spots in Fiji.

Whether you're in search of that idyllic place to get down on bended knee, or perhaps just to share a special moment, head to one of these dreamy beaches. 

Paradise Beach, Beqa Island
The name says it all. Take a day trip by boat to this dreamy, gorgeous destination, with 12 acres of stunning surrounds including rainforest, waterfalls and of course, beautiful stretches of golden sand. Perfectly secluded, the private picture-perfect shores are a wonderful spot for a dash of romance, whether for the big proposal or simply an afternoon to be cherished. 

Cove Beach, Turtle Island
Cove Beach can be found on this private island resort. There's nowhere on Earth quite like it, with stunning views of the lagoon and other islands dotted out into the distance. Spend time lounging on the isolated stretches of sand, with simply the sound of rustling palms, thriving bird life and gently lapping shores. Wander the shores lazily at sunset hand-in-hand, taking in the enchanting colours of the sunset. Cove Beach is sure to speak to the hopeless romantic within, and it's the perfect backdrop for a couples' getaway.

Vomo Island Beach
Another private resort island, Vomo is the epitome of paradise. 

A remote destination, you and your loved one can enjoy plenty of privacy.
Embark on a leisurely paddle of the island's tranquil surrounding waters, or simply relax on the beautiful sandy shores with a Champagne picnic. You'll simply love the way the emerald green plant life contrasts with the azure blue of the ocean, not to mention the glistening white sand. If you're looking for a place to play castaway, this is it. 

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