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Get a Real Taste of Vietnam


Get a Real Taste of Vietnam

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Vietnam is home to a wonderful array of sights and sounds to tantalise the senses - and then there's the food. When you're travelling in this fascinating country, don't just stick to what you know in terms of food. Give all sorts of tastes a try! 

Here are some of the flavours you can expect along the way, and a couple of the best places to try them. 

Vietnamese Fare
Generally speaking, Vietnamese food is incredibly healthy, making use of plenty of fresh vegetables and herbs. There's also plenty of rice, and most of all, an abundance of noodles. 

Get ready for the taste sensations of black peppers, chili, coconut milk, soy sauce, lemon grass and more. Cuisine is more and more influenced by Europe, but there is still plenty of local flair. Snake for dinner, anyone? 

Meals are often served with helpings of green tea, and are shared amongst the family in a group setting. 

Where to Go
In the buzzing metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City, you will be able to find street food sellers operating their stalls. Here you can try a range of delicacies for very little money. First up, try favourites you might already be familiar with such as spring rolls. Then you can venture into more exotic territory!

For example, have you ever tried jellyfish? That's right, in Vietnam you can sample jellyfish as a part of a salad or meal of noodles. Its crunchy texture and interesting flavours provide the perfect intrepid travel experience - so give it a go.

For great seafood delights, head to Nha Hang Ngon Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City, which is also buzzing full of people keen to try out the fare - from simple dishes to brave and exotic flavours. 

If your travels take you to Hanoi, be sure to try The Gourmet Corner Restaurant. Gorgeous interiors, a great view and amazing flavours all make this one of the best places in Hanoi to try out Vietnam's flavours. 

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