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Exploring Norway’s Uniquely Magnificent Coastline

Reine on Lofoten islands in Norway
Norway Road Trip
Norway Hurtigruten MS Finnmarken.

Exploring Norway’s Uniquely Magnificent Coastline

story by: Mike Williams

For New Zealanders, a coastline full of Milford Sounds might be the most relatable way to describe Norway’s 25,000 kilometres of fjord-filled coast. If you also include the shores of Norway’s thousands of islands, there are actually 83,000 kilometres worth of gorgeous photos waiting to be taken. Charming seaside towns are scattered up and down the coast, each laying claim to idyllic backdrops of mountain peaks and eerily calm waters.

While further inland, endless picnic spots, photo opportunities and Norway’s collection of over 900 road tunnels, make it perfect for a road trip, there’s no better way to experience one of the most amazing coastlines on the planet, than by ship. Hurtigruten utilises vessels built to serve the Norwegian coast and combine the role of both a coastal voyager and a means of transport for people and cargo. These vessels are purpose-built to serve the Norwegian coast, and have been doing so for over a hundred years.

Often described as the world’s most beautiful voyages, these unique journeys cover over 2400km of Norway’s magnificent coastline. As well as sailing breathtakingly close to year-round beautiful scenery and diverse wildlife, Hurtigruten guests will be part of a vital link between the 34 ports carrying local freight and passengers. The smaller hamlets rely on the ships to deliver essential groceries and supplies or take them to the nearest town for shopping.

Guests can visit fjords, waterways and ports that larger ships cannot access, as well as experience Norway’s diversity with an exciting menu of excursions. In fact, there are over 50 excursions and extensions available on the 12-day Classic Voyage. Or simply explore on foot, hire a bike or stay onboard to guard the supplies.

Hurtigruten utilises a number of ships, all with a different style and something unique to offer. On board, guests enjoy an informal atmosphere, comfortable lounges, ample deck space and a wide choice of cabins, not to mention cuisine inspired by the regions, ports and season.

Passengers can opt to spend more time in Kirkenes by taking the northbound journey from Bergen to Kirkenes, and then catch a later ship on the southbound return leg back to Bergen. Whichever way they travel, they’ll be sure to experience the journey of their life.

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