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Interisland Ferries - UK style

Car ferry on the Kyles of Bute, Scotland
Mersey Ferry
Lakes District
Hungerford bridge seen from London Eye in England Elena Elisseeva
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Interisland Ferries - UK style

story by: Jo Wedlock

The interisland ferry between Wellington and Picton has long played a part of a Kiwi holiday. In the UK, there are several great interisland ferry options from different countries that allow you to take your rental car and explore, without having the hassle of airports, planes and flying.  It also means you can leave all your stuff in the car, without having to pack, check in, unpack and load into another car in your new country or port. 

Interisland ferries in the UK can be used to enter another country or to explore some more remote outlying areas of the country you are in.

Speak to your House of Travel specialist about pre-purchasing your tickets and building it into the cost of your rental car before you leave NZ, so you don’t have to worry about the expenses or hassle once you get there. Just sit back with your cup of tea and watch the world go by on your interisland ferry.

Here are some of our HOT favourites:

Ireland and Scotland
There are several ferry options you could choose depending on where in Scotland you are heading to.  The ferry between Belfast and Troon is a great way to explore the north of both of these great countries.  Both Celtic countries have striking similarities yet interesting differences.  They are very easy to drive around and the port at Troon is smaller than some of the main ports further towards England, so you will find it easier to access.  Troon in Scotland is just 45 minutes drive from Glasgow which puts you in a handy position to explore, whether it is taking the highway down into England, up towards the Highlands or across to the East coast and Edinburgh.

Another popular ferry is between Belfast to Stranraer, which is a small town in the Dumfries and Galloway area of Scotland.  This is the better port if you are heading into the north of England rather than Scotland as this puts you in a great place to jump on the motorway and explore York and northern England as you head down towards London.

Ireland and Wales
If you have finished your visit in Ireland in the South rather than the North and wish to head to the UK from Dublin, then you can jump on a ferry from Dublin and head across to the Welsh port of Holyhead, which is the largest town in the county of Anglesey and  is also a major Irish Sea port. The other ferry connection is between Rosslare on the south east coast of Ireland across to Fishguard in Wales. These are great options to take you into Britain with your car as you explore Wales and head through into England and beyond.

Ireland and France
Another optional add-on to your Irish holiday is a trip across the channel into France.  This has also become very popular with Irish locals wishing to stock up on good quality French wine as you can fill the car and not be stuck with the weight restrictions on airplanes!  Travel by interisland ferry between Rosslare in Ireland to either Roscoff or Cherbourg in France. Rosslare in County Wexford in Ireland is south of Dublin, and is a pleasant and popular seaside resort town as well as being the second largest  passenger port in the country. 

Cherbourg is situated at the northern tip of the Cherbourg Peninsula and provides an excellent gateway for travel by road to and from the north and east of France, Paris and onwards to Holland, Belgium and Germany. The city's railway station is at the end of the line from Paris and regular services operate to and from Paris-Saint-Lazare via Caen.
In comparison, the Port of Roscoff is situated on the North Brittany Coast, 24 kms from Morlaix. It is the ideal port for travelling to and from Brittany, the west coast and south west of France. There are train connections from Roscoff to Morlaix and from there you can take high-speed trains to and from the rest of France

England and France
There are so many options to catch ferries between England and France, that it pays to speak to one of our House of Travel experts as to which is the best option for you. You can pretty much catch a ferry from any of the key ports along the bottom coast of England; Dover, Portsmouth, Newhaven, Plymouth, Weymouth and Poole all offer regular services and head into multiple ports across the top of France including Roscoff, St Malo, Cherberg, Calais, Dieppe, Dunkirk and Caen.

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