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Xi’an: An Archaeological Time Capsule

Tang Dynasty Show
tang dynasty show

Xi’an: An Archaeological Time Capsule

story by: Mike Williams

It’s often said that to truly experience China, a visit to Xi’an is essential. The reason is simple: Xi’an offers unparalleled glimpses into Chinese history. It’s arguable whether any city on the world can give such an insight into history and the evolution of a culture. Over 3000 years old, Xi’an was the capital city during some of the most pivotal dynasties in Chinese history and hosting 72 different emperors.

Xi’an has countless historical sites to explore and cultural relics to examine; the most famous of these is the Terracotta Army. These life-sized soldiers guard the tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huang, who ruled the State of Qin from 246 BC to 221 BC. Since their discovery by local farmers in 1974, over 1800 warriors have been unearthed out of the estimated 8000 that were originally created over 2000 years ago. Each figure is different in detail and has different heights depending on rank and sometimes accompanied by chariots and horses.

Another famous landmark in Xi’an is its city wall, one of the oldest, biggest and best preserved of its kind. Walking along the city walls is a must, or better yet, hire a bike and ride around on a sunny afternoon. Don’t forget to check out the South Gate and enjoy the views of the Drum Tower and Bell Tower.

Another highlight within the city is the DaMing Palace and Park, and for an insight into the traditional daily life of locals, check out the Shaanxi Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum. The Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, which is just 4kms from the city centre, is also worth a visit. Nearby you’ll find the Shaanxi History Museum and the Temple of Great Maternal Grace as well as parks and places to eat.

Apart from these attractions, the region is also famous for its dumplings, so enjoy a Tang Dynasty & Dumpling dinner show while in town to unwind from all the archaeological discovery.

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