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Italy’s Hidden Gems

Italy’s Hidden gems
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Italy’s Hidden Gems

story by: Inspire Magazine

When you picture Italy in your mind, you no doubt see stunning architectural masterpieces, delicious food and beautiful weather. This image is truly the reality!

Italy’s top three cities – Rome, Florence and Venice – offer all this and more, making the country a destination with no end of holiday possibilities. However, it’s beyond these fascinating cities that really intrigues and inspires many and there’s a whole other world waiting to be explored in the charming Italian countryside.

Book yourself a ride on the train, which is a fantastic way to get around quickly and explore the wonders of regional Italy.

The rail network squeezes into almost every corner of the country, from the centre of the capital and key cities, across the Tuscan Hills to the coastal towns and resorts.

Go ahead and unearth some of Italy’s hidden gems with a unique journey in regional areas. Here are some of the best ways to truly absorb the country’s rich cultural history, breathtaking landscapes, fine Italian cuisine and vino plus so much more. It’s off the beaten track – Italian style.

Exploring Italy’s evocative regions
Touring Italy’s evocative countryside regions provides a truly personalised experience, and by making sure to stay several nights across a number of delightful locations, you’ll never feel like you’re missing out.

The magnificent Italian Lakes District in the north is a fabulous place to start. This natural wonder is nestled under the awe-inspiring Dolomites mountain range amongst the Italian Alps, which are widely regarded as being among the most attractive mountain landscapes in the world. A great diversity of colours is provided by the contrasts between the bare pale-coloured rock surfaces, and the forests and meadows below.

Also nestled at the foot of the Alps are Lake Como, Lake Lugano and Lake Maggiore which all offer breathtaking panoramic views, showing a piece of Italy that you’re unlikely to see anywhere else. Household names such as George Clooney and Marlon Brando have graced the shores here, making it a popular spot for the rich and famous and just perfect for the rest of us to star-gaze! Sip wine, stroll beside the palazzi of the rich and famous and share the high-flyers’ million-dollar views.

Further south, Tuscany is on the bucket list of many due to it being everyone’s idea of idyllic Italy. Cypresses and sunflowers, terracotta roofs, delicious regional wines, olive oil and rustic farmhouse produce will leave you absolutely content with a bellyful of goodness.

And even further south – continuing past Naples – lies a coastline of dramatic cliffs, precariously perched fishing villages and the ever-present shimmering Mediterranean. This is the stunning Amalfi Coast, which has been enticing visitors for decades to its tiny beaches and chic resort towns such as Sorrento and Positano and its island of Capri. It is here where you can kick back, relax and enjoy the heady views while you sip on chilled Limoncello – the golden treasure of Amalfi and referred to as ‘sunshine wine’ by the locals. Head to the heel of Italy in the south where you’ll find the unique and intriguing trulli houses.

These are limestone dwellings unique to the region of Puglia, which look like a dry stone hut with a conical roof. These extraordinary buildings derive from prehistoric construction techniques that have survived fully intact and are still functioning into the modern world as housing for the locals – truly remarkable.

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