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France: Countryside Lanes

Lavender Field, Abbey of Senanque,NearGordes,Provence,France
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carcassonne castle france © ATOUT FRANCE/Catherine Bibollet

France: Countryside Lanes

story by: Inspire Magazine

France has so much to offer that it’s almost impossible to fit everything you want into one trip. But that shouldn’t stop you from trying!

Leasing a vehicle and hitting France’s intricate network of quaint countryside roads is an ideal way of not only avoiding the toll roads, but also exploring wonderful places you didn’t even know existed.

Discover this beautiful country at your own pace, meandering from village to village, truly immersing yourself in the French way of life.

While there may be a few locations you just have to visit, you may not want to cram your schedule too tightly – half the fun is in playing it by ear! Flexibility is the key; making a road trip across France is the ultimate getaway for an adventurous traveller.

You can hop from place to place, getting a taste for as many destinations as possible, or relax for several days in each location so that you can get to know the locals and really get to grips with the culture. The choice is yours.

Many of the villages and towns you discover may be inaccessible by trains and coaches, meaning that after your trip, you can really boast that you’ve been off the beaten track.

France’s diverse scenic beauty will leave you awestruck – you’ll witness majestic snowy mountain peaks and lush alpine pastures one day, and equally stunning sandy beaches and sapphire waves the next.

Jaw-dropping châteaux, castles and other architectural wonders will pop up on the horizon, leaving you speechless and eager to learn more about their unique histories.

France is just the beginning. You can always extend your journey, as there are more than 40 other countries across Europe where you can satisfy your appetite for a flexible driving holiday experience.

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