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Top 5 South Pacific Beaches

Beautiful beach in One Foot Island, Aitutaki, Cook Islands Przemyslaw Skibinski Przemyslaw Skibinski
Cook Islands
Cook Islands
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Top 5 South Pacific Beaches

story by: Jo Wedlock

As the weather gets colder and we start breaking out the winter duvet and pulling on the woolly tights in the morning, we can drive to work dreaming of our winter escape.  Somewhere tropical…somewhere warm, where the waves crash on the golden sandy beaches and we can laze in warm waters surrounded by fish, coral and cocktail in hand.

Winter in New Zealand is the perfect time to head to the Islands, where it’s warmer (ranging between 22 – 32°C, depending on which island you choose). It’s not the rainy season and you can relax and bolster your tan!

Not all islands are created equal, however, and in the islands not all beaches are long stretches of golden sands.  Some travellers have been left disappointed by assuming that a holiday in the islands on a beach goes hand in hand with the sandy shores and waving palm trees, but a lot of the South Pacific beaches are coral based, or rocky shorelines.

Speak to your House of Travel specialist about the best beach to suit you.  When planning and doing your research, here are some tips on the nicest beaches in the South Pacific.

Lalomanu Beach - Samoa
Lalomanu is a village on the east coast of Upolu Island in Samoa. The white sandy seaside is called Lalomanu Beach, one of the most popular beaches in Samoa with beach fale accommodation run by locals, including Litia Sini Beach Resort and my favourite - Tafua Beach Fales. The beach has stunning coral lagoons and one of the best views in Samoa which has quite a rocky shoreline. From the beach you can view the uninhabited Nu'utele Island, off the coast from the village.  There are activities like snorkelling and sea kayaks are available in the area. The restaurant at Tafua is great – casual, cheap and good food, in a great atmosphere and overlooking the stunning sands.  Keep your eyes open when in the water for the bright blue starfish that litter the bottom of the white sands. Lalomanu is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes drive from the Apia, the capital city.

Yasawa Islands – Fiji
The Yasawa Group of Islands is an archipelago of about 20 volcanic islands in the Western Division of Fiji, with an total area of approximately 135 square kilometres.  These islands are amazing and there are a couple of stunning resorts and spa’s up here,  surrounded by 11 deserted beaches, each one a private paradise waiting to be visited by you and your loved one. Order champagne and board a boat, armed with a picnic basket prepared by the chef. You’ll be delivered to a beach of your own. This isn’t really the place for kids, but a romantic retreat to escape to your own private beach – bliss!

One Foot Island – Aitutaki, Cook Islands
Aitutaki, also traditionally known as Araura, Ararau or Utataki, is one of the Cook Islands, north of Rarotonga. It has a population of approximately 2,000 and is the second most visited island of the Cook Islands, and often thought of as being the prettiest.

One of the outer islands within the lagoon is One Foot Island.  Traditionally this was the ‘customs post’ and is still officially a port – so if you visit this sandy little bay, take your passport and you can get it stamped!
Take a daytrip out to One Foot island with one of the boat companies and you will find some of the best snorkelling in the world, alongside the whitest, cleanest sand and clearest blue waters I have ever seen.  Definitely one of the world’s best beaches, not just South Pacific!

Champagne Beach – Vanuatu
With a name like this, it was bound to be one of my favourite beaches!  Champagne Beach in Vanuatu is a small crescent shaped beach of white powdery sand, sloping down into a coral fringed lagoon of crystal clear turquoise water.  The stretch of beach is backed by unspoilt rain forest which gradually rises to mountains overlooking the shore.  The sea here is calm and shallow and incredibly clear.  Champagne Bay is one of the most picture perfect beaches – like a postcard of what a Pacific Island beach should look like.

The name Champagne Beach originated from the observation of an effervescent quality of the waters of the lagoon at low tide, reminiscent of champagne (although you can’t always see this today).

Tamae Beach, Tahiti
Although lush Moorea in Tahiti is famous for its jagged, emerald-green peaks, its beaches are none too shabby either! While several of the top resorts have privatised some of the beaches, the public beaches are widely accessible and one of the most popular is Temae Beach, which blends into some of the other popular surf beaches along the east coast and Hauru Point, a winding, three mile beach on the west coast.  Renowned as a safe beach to swim at, Temae is located between the Sofitel Hotel and the airport and sometimes a little crowded on weekends. A good thing is that you can take the plane from Tahiti and go by foot to Temae Beach (from the airport, get on the main island road, make a left and after about 200 meters, take the track that goes through the forest to the beach).  For snorkeling, go to the Hauru’s point located between Les Tipaniers and Hibiscus hotels, don’t try to cross swimming, as the channel there is dangerous.

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