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Best Five Surf Beaches in the World

Huntington Beach Anaheim USA
Huntington Beach Anaheim USA

Best Five Surf Beaches in the World

story by: Jo Wedlock

It’s great that of the best five surf beaches (in our opinion), three of them are located close to our little part of the world!  We are such a nation of water babies and surfing is something that is in our blood – so if you are looking for a great spot for surfing and are either a beginner or a more experienced wave rider, then check out this list below.

If you have some fantastic surf beaches you’ve tried, then let us know and we’d love to add them to our list!

Waikiki, Hawai’i
No list about surfing would be complete without including Hawai’i. True surfers appreciate Hawaii's - and especially Waikiki's - long history of the sport, which was popularised in the early 1900s on beaches that are still bustling today and getting more and more popular.

There is a reason, other than lore, why Waikiki has become a surfing mecca. The clear waters, constant sunshine and enormous breaks are almost too awesome to believe.
It’s also a fantastic place to learn to surf.  Beginners can take lessons at Canoes which has an extremely long and gentle break, while pros can experience the bigger more unpredictable waves at the Queens section. Head to the North Shore if you are an experienced surfer and check out the surf there! Though conditions are great year round, the best of the best riding happens from May to September. 

Biggest waves: over 20 feet

Papara Beach, Tahiti
At Papara Beach, surfing is not only an attraction for tourists - it is a way of life for locals and visitors alike. From the crystal clear water light breezes and picture perfect beach, you're all set to spend long days in the surf.
Only a short paddle out from the Papara will bring you to waves that rise to awesome heights, or you may prefer to take a short boat cruise out to the huge monster waves that make this area famous as they break over the lagoon. Whether you try out these big ones or stick to the breaks closer to land, you need to be experienced as this is not a spot for beginners.  Ideal conditions exist between November and April.

Biggest waves: over 20 feet

Surfers Paradise Beach, Gold Coast, Australia
As the name suggests, no surf beach list is complete without including Surfers Paradise.  While it’s not the ‘biggest’ break in the country, it is one of the best for consistent surfing at all levels. One of the busiest Australian destinations, Surfers Paradise Beach is unrivalled when it comes to surfing conditions and though the waters may be crowded, most visitors argue that the ride is well worth the wait. Off of the 492-foot wide beach, you'll find the warm Pacific waters very inviting and the ocean offers swells for every skill level offer riders.  To get the best waves and weather, visit from March to June, or September to December.

Biggest waves: 12 feet

Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa
South Africa doesn’t jump to mind for surfing in the same way as Hawai’i and Aussie, but it has some amazing breaks.  Jeffrey’s Bay is a notorious surfing destination thanks to its six superb breakpoints and consistently great weather all year.  The picture-perfect waves roll onto its beaches, including "Kitchen Windows," "Magna Tubes" and "Albatross." Best time to pack a board and go is middle of the NZ winter – as in June and July the conditions are ideal.

Biggest waves: 8 feet

Huntington Beach, U.S.A.
Over the past years, Huntington Beach in California (often called ‘surf city USA’) has been given a Hollywood-like facelift. However, thankfully no amount of city modernisation can change the waves! Huntington has, by many accounts, the "perfect break." On good days, the wave curls just right and is easy to catch off of the large pier. Professionals ride these waves during the annual OP Pro Surfing Tournament and International Surfing Championship.  Interesting to note that contrary to popular belief, the ideal time to catch "the big one" is not during the summer months. The oft-surfed south side area gets battered by high winds during the US summer and the break is not as good as it is during the US winter, which is the time locals claim is ideal.

Biggest waves: 10 feet

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